Sports Photography Trends: Growth in Girls Soccer a Big Opportunity for Youth Sports Photographers

When it comes to Youth Sports Photography, photographers love shooting the big three - football, basketball and baseball. But one can’t ignore the growing trends in youth soccer. Read more [...]

Successful ways to increase sales for Youth Sports Photography

There are probably more than 7 reasons to take multiple shots when shooting youth sports, but here are a few that come to mind. Let’s dive in…. Read more [...]

Use A “Playbook” To Get In The Game

Candid Color Photography has seen tremendous success with a new marketing tool. They designed and printed a “High School Playbook” and a “Youth Sports Playbook” to book with area leagues and districts. Read more [...]

Hotshot Imaging Story

In 2002, Eric Kromps and Karl Schmudlach formed Hotshot Imaging near Sacramento, California. They began the business with a focus on the white water rafting that is popular around Lotus, but soon realized that they needed a less seasonal market, one with growth potential. Read more [...]

Spring Sports Are Being Booked Right Now!

Though we know it is near the end of September 2007, you should be looking at the calendar as though it says March 2008; especially if you are planning to market, book, and shoot spring sports. Though you may think this notion extreme or, perhaps even premature, I can assure you that if you are not yet planning for the spring sports season, your competitors are! Read more [...]