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Booking Tips for Fall

As the summer season begins, it is never too early to prepare for Fall Sports. As photographers, we will do all we can to produce great photography. It’s what we love to do. However, one area that can often be ignored is the marketing of your photography business. Increasing your bookings is a must. Making a commitment to invest the time and capital into this area on a regular basis will promote and increase awareness about your business. This awareness will result in growth and increased revenue. Constantly being out in front of your customers and prospects will only grow your business. Here are a couple of marketing ideas that will help make this Fall a success:

The most effective way to book more business is to make face to face sales calls on promising potential customers.

Make sure your first impression is a great one. Taking the following steps will insure a great first impression:

  • Attitude is everything! Display an upbeat positive attitude. Explaining the execution of the photo shoot and your unique product line with excitement and passion is one simple step to making a great first impression. Always present a “can do” attitude. Your positive energy will have a positive influence on the entire presentation. Even when giving a 30 second sales pitch, the use of positive body language and an energetic attitude can make all the difference.
  • Dress the part. When meeting with your contact for the first time, your appearance is one of the first things your prospect will notice. If meeting with a large booster group in the evening, professional attire consisting of a dress shirt and slacks may be necessary. Casual dress is acceptable if you’re meeting a coach in the gym or out on the field. Looking sharp shows respect to the client and can only help in making a good first impression.
  • Be Prepared. Put time and effort into perfecting your sales presentation. Before every appointment, visit their website and thoroughly review all their information. With this one step, you will gain detailed information which will make you more comfortable and confident when giving your pitch. It also is an excellent way to show the customer you actually care about the project and you’re not just trying to book another shoot. Have plenty of copies of your presentation to pass out. Have your print samples organized and ready to pass out at different times of your presentation. Passing out all of your materials at the beginning of the presentation can result in the customer concentrating on the samples and losing focus on you and what you are saying. Review and know the particular products and prices of what you will offer. Testimonies are a powerful tool. Provide a list of satisfied customers. Let your prospect know who already believes in you and has benefitted from your services. Finally, have scheduling agreements with you so you can close the deal.
  • Listen. Be careful not to talk all the time about you. Listen to the specific needs and desires of the customer. Listen and take note to the problems and complaints they’ve had in the past. Ask questions to discover the expectations they have for the photo shoot and the photography company they hire. When discussing their experience with your competition, stay positive and listen to what they like and dislike about them. Gaining this information is the key to satisfying their needs. Remember two ears, one mouth.
  • Start and finish on time. Coaches are pressed for time. Having an efficient, organized, to the point presentation is what they desire. Respect their time by staying on track. A printed copy of the agenda for everyone attending is an effective way to accomplish this. Show gratitude towards everyone attending for taking the time to meet with you. Prepare your presentation allowing enough time at the end to answer any questions the customer may have.
  • Leave a lasting impression. One step in the marketing mix that many ignore is the power of a hand written thank you note. This is an excellent way to show your character to the customer. With all the quick digital ways of communicating today, a hand written note is a unique tool. It shows special effort which the client will remember. Make it a habit after every appointment to send a follow up note thanking the client for the opportunity to meet with them.

Maximize the benefits of technology – Although face time is the best way to book business, the use of the following technologies allows sales people to reach clients in several ways.

  • Collect Emails – Collecting the email addresses of all of your accounts will create a database that is a very valuable marketing tool. Also, collecting emails from prospective accounts is another step in the right direction. Use email technology to maintain your relationships with your accounts. Constantly stay in front of them with the simple click of the mouse.
  • Emails are also a great way to keep your buying customers informed about new promotions, products and specials. One of the most powerful uses from the collection of emails is the ability to remarket old events. Remarketing through emails is a great way to raise revenue.  Sales from these past events have a high profit margin because most of the overhead cost has been covered.
  • Web Presence – In today’s marketplace almost every business has a website.  Obviously in the photography business, the graphic design of the site is extremely important. A website is a great place to showcase your work. However, sometimes so much time and effort is given to the look of the site, that the objective of the site can be ignored. One of the main objectives for a website is to introduce your products and services in a positive way. If your website is difficult to navigate through or is to complex, customers can become overwhelmed and frustrated. Having a website that is easy to understand and navigate through will maximize your opportunity of capturing a new customer. Keeping your site clean, simple and easy to use will be a pleasant experience for visitors keeping them coming back. Websites are also a great way to capture emails and other contact information of interested visitors. Make sure your site gives them plenty of opportunities to do this.
  • A good business is built on good relationships. Social media, facebook, twitter etc. are all about building and maintaining relationships. Use social media technology to keep your customers excited and informed on what your company is doing.  Use this technology to introduce new services and products. Social media is a great form of the best advertising, word of mouth. Provide exciting information that will get people talking. Be sure you get the Facebook address and the Twitter address of all the people you talk with so that you can request to become a friend or follower with them.
  • Be Reachable – Never forget the power of a personal telephone call. At times your telephone is your business life line. Nothing can frustrate a customer faster than having their calls ignored and being forced to leave several voicemails.  At some point in most selling situations a telephone conversation will take place between you and your client. Customers are calling you because they want to talk to you on the phone, not through email or through texting. Make it a common practice to answer all incoming calls.  Be sure to use this powerful tool correctly. Customers will always recognize and appreciate the fact that every time they call you, they can reach you.

Maximize your sales – Making sales is always necessary, but determine which accounts are the most profitable and the characteristics of these accounts.

  • Focus on being profitable –Filling your calendar with lots of business is exciting. Landing those accounts you have been working on for months or years is a great opportunity. Sometimes the excitement of getting the new account can distort the focus from being profitable. Good sales are profitable sales. Review and pay close attention to your offers and price points. Keep track of your overhead expenses and compare them with your sales after each event. Determine your profit from each event. Focusing on this and staying consistent with this practice will inform you which events are worth shooting and which ones need to be replaced. Discover which products are most profitable such as Attitude Panos, statuettes or Level Two products and always include these in your offers. Keep your offers simple and not over whelming. A complicated offer can frustrate your customers. This confusion can result in smaller orders with smaller sales. Another way to stay profitable when prospecting is to seek all sports opportunities in a designated area. Scheduling several appointments in the same geographic area will maximize your sales efforts and minimize your expenses. Make it a goal to execute your photo shoots with minimum overhead and maximum efficiency.  After each photo shoot, take notes of the positives and negatives of the shoot. This will help in shooting the next year. Stay organized with your equipment from start to finish. This will make your shoots more efficient, allowing you more time to book more business. Yes, we always need more sales, but keeping your focus on making them profitable will eliminate frustration and add to the bottom line.
  • Repeat business & New business – One of the most profitable parts of the photography business is repeat business. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to concentrate only on gaining new business. Repeat customers are currently satisfied with your services and spend more than new customers. They will refer business to you. Focus on this group and keep them satisfied. With new prospects, make the most of every appointment. Hopefully, you will be successful and book the event. However, even if they have already booked their photography, this meeting introduces them to you and the services of your company. Always remind them if they ever need a backup photographer, you are ready and willing. Also, this first meeting with them will make things more comfortable when approaching them again the following year. Don’t miss any opportunities, stay in touch!

Become as effective with the marketing of your photography business as you are with photography itself and the sky’s the limit!

Candid Color Systems can provide assistance in your marketing and booking efforts. We have training presentations, newsletters and custom marketing materials. If you need advice about booking and shooting school sports, Customer Development is here to help! Call 800.336.4550 and become a customer today.


Obscure Sports Can Make Money


Breaking in to a Middle School or High School that has a long and/or close relationship with a photographer can be challenging. But often the established photographer will neglect the smaller or more obscure sports teams. This opens up an opportunity for you to showcase your abilities as a sports photographer and to gain credibility in a way that no sales call to the major sports coaches can accomplish.

Cross Country, Field Hockey, Golf and Tennis are examples of obscure sports. These are typically smaller teams that are not aggressively pursued, creating an opportunity to introduce your business. These teams are excited to be photographed and can be profitable undertakings. If executed correctly, they can not only improve your bottom line, but they can be the bridge to the bigger sport programs. These teams don’t require a great deal of time to shoot and rarely require extra labor.  If possible, attempt to schedule these smaller teams all on the same day. A sports photo day will lower your overhead and will make it easier on the coach. Maximizing time and labor is critical to making these smaller team photo shoots profitable.

Make a great first impression

One of the major goals of photographing these smaller teams is to gain future business. After you schedule the booking, take advantage of this opportunity to showcase the highlights of your business. Show them how your company is better than the competition by meeting all scheduled timelines and delivering products when promised. Offer a unique product line and price them fairly. Send a follow up card, thanking them for their business. When you succeed in these areas, ask for referrals from the coach you are working with.  This can be the key to future business.

Get to know your new contact

Coaches network with each other constantly and if you are successful with their teams, they can be your best advertisers for new business. Discover what tournaments or summer camps they participate in. One successful photo shoot can lead to many others. A coach of one smaller sports team may be a coach in a different season of another larger team. He will also know a number of coaches at his school and at other schools. Last, he may move from one school to another. All of this interconnectivity between coaches provides an opportunity for you to break into a school whose football coach says he is happy with the photographer he has been using. If your products, service, photography, logistics of the shoot and communication “wow” the coach, he or she will most likely tell others. This can lead to you booking all of the sports in that school.

Although the profits from these smaller teams may be less than the profits from a larger team, one benefit to consider is you have gained a new customer that can lead you to bigger profits. This new customer can be added to your portfolio and referral list. This is a great advantage when seeking new business. Marketing obscure sports can be profitable and a great way to grow your business.

Candid Color Systems can provide assistance in your marketing and booking efforts. We have training presentations, newsletters and custom marketing materials. If you need advice about booking and shooting school sports, Customer Development is here to help! Call 800.336.4550 and become a customer today.

Sports Photography: What to Book Now?

It is important when you are planning on booking sports photography events to plan your sales calls according to the best time to book the event. We believe the most effective way to approach booking sport shoots is to approach the contact when they are focused on their preparations for the season. This is the time right before practice stars, but not before they know the schedule for the rest of the season. For most sports, this time is approximately six to eight weeks before the first game. There are some exceptions to this rule and they are football teams and booking entire youth athletic leagues. With that being said, NOW is the time to book football, youth leagues and other spring sports.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will have far greater success in booking sport photography events when you call on a contact when they have time to devote to a conversation about their photography needs.  



As we mentioned previously, this is the prime time to approach football coaches and booster parents. The season is over and spring practice will not begin for another 4-6 weeks. Signing day is over and students are using this time for weightlifting and additional strength training. Coaches have free time and are more receptive to hear your presentation. The new booster club has been elected and if a photography change is going to be made, now is the right time to approach them.




School Spring Sports

It isn’t technically Spring, but these sports are already gearing up to compete. Right now you should be calling on the following Middle School and High School sports:

  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Track
  • Golf



Summer Leagues/Camps/Tournaments

When it comes to summer leagues, camps and tournaments, the possibilities are endless! Here are just a few of the popular sports that have summer functions:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Cheer
  • Gymnastics
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Pom

There are numerous types of organizations and facilities that host these events, such as:

  • City Youth Athletic Programs
  • University Athletic Departments (Camps)
  • High Schools (Camps)
  • Professional Teams (Camps)
  • Country Clubs (Tournaments)
  • Ballparks
  • Soccer Fields


Last Minute Opportunities

These are organizations that might have already scheduled their photography, but it is still worth approaching. You will at least know who is doing their photography and when to approach them the following year. Some organizations to consider are soccer leagues, 7 on 7 football leagues and baseball leagues.

5 Booking Tips

  1. List all potential sports opportunities in a designated area. (ex. 50 mile radius)
  2. Call on potential events geographically to maximize sales time.
  3. Bring plenty of samples. (sports specific if possible)
  4. Attitude Panos and Virtual Groups are excellent booking tools
  5. Ask for the business and get the details of the event in writing and have the client sign it.

Approaching booking events with a planned strategy will make a noticeable difference in the amount of events you book. Have a clearly defined plan and execute it. Going out and calling will allow you the opportunity to network and promote your company. Just get out and go!


Signs of Spring are ALL Around!

Shortly after the CCS Winter Seminar I traveled to the East Coast to visit family.  While cruising around from place to place I happened to notice the first signs of Spring. Rising out of the ground at every intersection were the colorful harbingers of warmer temperatures and sun-soaked trees.  No, I’m not referring to bright yellow daffodils or purple crocuses but League registration signs. These colorful signs were everywhere inviting sports photographers to discover opportunities for booking leagues and teams.

These signs provide a map—via email addresses, websites, and telephone numbers—expanding your reach and exposing more sports teams to the ever-increasing arsenal of sports products at your disposal via Candid Color Systems.  League registration signs are a call to action whether you’re new to sports photography, or are interested in escalating your business to the next level.

To ignore such signs would be a mistake.  Of course, you won’t know until you make contact whether or not these organizations are contracted with a photographer, or are looking for your assistance.  Either way it will give you the opportunity to initiate relationships, build your business credibility, and get the word out about the sports products and services you want to offer.  Don’t ignore the signs of Spring.  Any one of these signs might lead you to your own pot of gold.


Brian Speers

Customer Development Specialist

Sports Photography Trends: Growth in Girls Soccer a Big Opportunity for Youth Sports Photographers

When it comes to Youth Sports Photography, photographers love shooting the big three – football, basketball and baseball. But one can’t ignore the growing trends in youth soccer.

According to the U.S. Youth Soccer Association, since 1990 the number of participants in youth soccer leagues all over the country has almost doubled from 1.6 million to over 3 million in 2010.

But the growing trend in youth soccer isn’t the fact that the overall sport is growing, but the fact that it’s growing in popularity with young women.

In fact we’re almost to the point where, among active players in youth soccer leagues, there are more girls playing soccer than boys.

In 2008, the percentage of girls playing youth soccer, among active players, was 48% up from 45% in 2000 – while the percentage of boys playing soccer was 52%, down from 55% in 2000 according to statistics provided by the U.S Youth Soccer Association.

This kind of growth provides a huge opportunity for sports photographers looking for new business, especially if they’re wanting to branch out into other sports besides the most popular such as little league baseball or pop warner football, because it means an increasing number of subjects to shoot and the more photos you take the higher your overall sales will be.

But the fact that soccer’s popularity is growing among young women is also exciting for sports photographers. Sometimes photographers will get a little too focused on the most popular boys’ sports, thinking that they’re the only ones worth shooting which is completely untrue.

Through several events that we’ve shot, we’ve found that girls’ sports have just as much, and in some cases more, sales potential than boys’. In fact, in some cases sales from girls’ basketball have exceeded boys’ football.

Regardless of what a photographer shoots they need to realize that children are branching out and participating in several different sports like soccer, rugby or lacrosse. That’s not to say that sports photographers should stop shooting the most popular sports, but they need to realize that there are more opportunities for business than just shooting football or basketball and that they can capitalize on the growing popularity of these new sports.

If you want to know how you can grow your youth sports photography business, Candid Color Systems can help! Contact our Customer Development department at 800-336-4550 today.

Booking School Sports: Gear Up & Get to Practice

There are several factors that can determine the success of selling and booking sports photography in the school market. Here are some keys to maximizing your time and increasing your sales.

Get organized and create a plan of action

Middle schools and high schools are a very lucrative market for shooting sports photography. There are several sports to choose from and they can keep your schedule full throughout the year. If you are successful photographing one sports team, this can lead to photographing other sport teams.


Visiting school websites is a fantastic source of information when planning your sales strategy. The Clell Wade coaches’ directory website is an excellent source for athletic program information. Research this website and order a copy of your state’s current directory.  This is an incredible time- saving tool that has detailed information of almost every school in your state and all the sports they participate in. It lists physical addresses and websites for the school, and contact information for the coaches as well. With this directory you can discover which schools are located near each other, so you can visit all the schools in one area to maximize your time.

Utilize your time and find the decision maker

Finding the decision maker in the sports school market is critical to your sales success.

A good first step is visiting the school and meeting with the Athletic Director. Although this meeting is important, it is not mandatory. This appointment allows you to introduce yourself, your company and lays the groundwork for future visits. It also provides you with the main contact name of sports in the school, making you more credible and comfortable when meeting the head coach. The Athletic Director will have current coaching rosters, practice schedules and other resourceful information. Gather as much information about their past experiences with sports photography. This information will allow you to prepare a strategy to solve the problems they have experienced in the past.

Discover if a Booster Club is involved in the decision making process of the sports you want to shoot. If so, get the officer contact list and calendar of events for the club. Most of this information will also be available on the school website. Remember the main goal is to get in front of the head coach or the decision maker.

Go directly to the Gyms and Practice Fields

Most of the coaches in schools are also teachers, which can make it challenging to reach them. Leaving marketing materials with the secretary at the front office or with assistant coaches can lead to frustration and wasted time.

Today’s incredible technology allows sales people to reach coaches in several ways such as email and voice mail, but face time with the coach is your best opportunity to get information and book an event.

The key to accomplish this is to go directly to the gyms, practice fields and field houses. This direct approach is the best use of time and the most effective way to make contact. Once you have the coach’s name and practice times confirmed, arrive early. This will allow for uninterrupted time with the head coach. Many times you will be confronted by assistant coaches, but wait to speak to the head coach.

Of course all clients want great photography, but coaches are pressed for time and desire an efficient sales presentation and photo shoot.  Be prepared with a 30 second sales pitch as well as a longer one if time is allowed.  Make sure and have your marketing materials ready to deliver and your calendar available as well.

In one school visit, you can get in front of several different coaches and book multiple events. Network with the coaches and get insight about other sports programs. This can allow for you to schedule several different sport team photo shoots in the same day. If they don’t have time for you on your first visit, set an appointment to meet with them later that week. The earlier you prospect, the better.   You should optimally try to see coaches 3 to 6 months before the upcoming season.

If they have already booked with someone else, there may be a service that your competitor can’t offer such as our digital Faux Groups, Attitude Panos and Level TwoTM products. These products can set you apart from your competition.  You may be able to set up a second shoot just for one of these products.  Let them know about unique services like the View First system which relieves them from handing out order forms and collecting money. Finally, make sure and confirm a date when to contact them for the following season and follow up.

Candid Color Systems can provide you assistance in your marketing and booking efforts. We have training presentations, newsletters and custom marketing materials. If you need advice about booking and shooting school sports, Customer Development is here to help! Call 800.336.4550 and become a customer today.

Shooting for Fall Sports

When preparing for fall sports photo shoots, there are a few things to keep in mind in addition to delivering great photography. Here are a few helpful tips that can make your event as successful as possible.

Host a morning shoot

Photographing sports teams as early as possible (especially those shot in the heat of the summer) has always been a best practice of Candid Color. Benefits for scheduling an early shoot include:

  • Less exposure to the heat – for players, coaches and everyone else involved in the shoot.
  • More cooperative participants – often times students are still fresh in the morning and more receptive which makes working with them easier. This can help bring down the stress level for photographers and coaches, which can also help speed up the shooting process.

Schedule a fall sports photo day

If you are photographing several sports at one school or college, consider shooting them all on the same day. Hosting a designated photo day enables you to:

  • Save on overhead costs – you will only need to book photographers and cover traveling expenses for one day or part of a day depending on your shoot.
  • Lessen stress on Athletic Directors/Coaches – taking sports photos is probably not one of a coach’s top priorities. Having an organized shoot and getting everything finished early or on time can ultimately lighten any photo day apprehension.

While it has its benefits, scheduling a photo day does require more pre-planning than a single sport shoot.  You need to make sure that the photo day will not conflict with any team’s practice or game time and that all coaches are on board before anything is finalized. If everyone is in agreement from the beginning, you are already one step ahead!


Be prepared

If you are using sequence cards, have them ready to go as soon as participants enter the photography set up. Instruct athletes to fill out cards themselves to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. Remember, the more information you can get the better.  Ideally, two or more email addresses is what you’d like to collect from each student, giving you more opportunities for email marketing. If you are worried about cards being legible, task your assistant(s) with checking each one.


Follow Up

The most important thing to remember is to not lose sight of the big picture. Make sure you know exactly what the school expects out of the photography process and out of your company. Be sure you’ve clearly communicated terms of the shoot and any additional details about complimentary items being offered.  Begin the follow up process no later than a few days after the shoot to address any questions or concerns school administrators may have. Follow up is a must to booking a school for seasons to come. Don’t let the small things fall through the cracks or be forgotten- you only get one chance to make a first impression!

Summer Photography Guide

The summer months can provide several photography opportunities. Here are a few things to consider this summer while booking and shooting outdoor events.

DO: Book a youth tournament

Whether you are shooting softball, baseball or soccer leagues, summer tournaments can provide a great source of additional summer income. A unique way to beat your competition is by offering cool products, such as Attitude Panos. Players and parents love the cool designs and it is a completely custom product that your competitors won’t have!

DON’T: Wait too long to book your tournaments

Competition is fierce. Some tournaments allow anyone to photograph as long as they pay a vendor fee.  In this case, make sure you set up a tent and show samples to attract parents and coaches. In this situation you must also have a strong sales effort in order to spark interest!  Taking an Attitude Pano up in the stands can help parents understand the products you offer. If possible, have the sample branded with the tournament name and logo for added impact.

DO: Update your sales matrix

Keeping a good sales matrix up to date can quickly provide you with information on sales by sport or school.  You will easily see what schools and sports did well and which ones need more attention.

DON’T: Play the guessing game

Guessing your numbers will not get you anywhere. It’s important to know your sales numbers and stay on top of them for ultimate performance.

DO: Take time to clean all your gear and equipment

It’s especially important to remove dust from your camera sensors and lenses, as well as from inside your camera cases. Thoroughly cleaning your equipment can also give you the opportunity to check each piece for wear and tear, which can help you avoid potential equipment failure. If you have periods of slower work, catch up on this sometimes forgotten task!

DON’T: Expect someone else to do it

Even if you have a reliable staff, making sure your equipment is clean is an essential task.

DO: Keep in contact with High School and Middle School coaches

It’s never too early to book or rebook fall sporting events.  Don’t be afraid to call coaches directly or give them your cell phone number. Make it as easy as possible for them to contact you!

DON’T: Think schools will call you

Some schools might call you, but it’s never a safe practice to rely on. It’s always a good idea to stay in touch with coaches over the summer just in case they change schools or sports. New coach’s directories come out in late July to early August, but check with your state’s coaches association for further details.

DO: Practice safe sun

There is nothing worse than getting a sun burn on the first day of a three day long tournament or event.  The following days will be miserable! Practicing safe sun will not only protect you physically, but it will also ensure that your performance won’t be hampered.

DON’T: Think you will just tan

Take the time to apply sunscreen, wear protective clothing and eyewear to protect yourself from the sun. Although it may seem like a small task, it should NOT be overlooked!

DO: Stay hydrated 

When you’re out in the summer sun, your body needs more water than normal, so staying hydrated is essential.  Drink lots of water and have plenty to go around!

DON’T: Rely on your photographers to bring their own water

Keeping a hydrated staff is as important as staying hydrated yourself. Provide plenty of water or other cold drinks to keep everyone in tip top shape.

DO: Attend the Summer Workshops

There will be success stories shared and several new products introduced during the Summer Workshops that you won’t want to miss! We hope to see you there.

DON’T: Miss it!

            The Sumer Workshops will be held in Oklahoma City on Sunday, Monday and

Tuesday: July 24th, 25th, and 26th.

CCS Traveling Seminars: Coming to a City Near You!

Whether you are new to the business of Sports Photography, or have been active in this traditional market for years, plan now to attend the “Learn How to Make More Money in Sports Photography” seminar presented by Candid Color Systems, During the month of July, CCS will be presenting the seminar in Jacksonville, FL on Tuesday, July 12th; Tampa, FL on Wednesday, July 13th; and Ft. Lauderdale, FL on Thursday, July 14th.

While Sports photography continues to be a viable and lucrative business, you need to be at the top of your game to compete and retain the business you already have.  Our seminar will cover topics that will help you get a handle on the practical and business aspect of sports photography, such as:

  • Finding and booking business
  • Pre-shoot, photo day, and post-shoot operations
  • Utilizing email marketing to boost sales
  • View First™ – the NEW alternative to Pre-pay. Coaches and parents love this method of marketing your images
  • Compete on the marketing system, not just price
  • Best practices pricing and packaging
  • Innovative NEW products like Attitude Panos and Level Two™ prints
  • Using Green Screen in sports as a practical alternative and a booking tool
  • Making presentations to a leagues, organizations, or schools
  • Importance of speed in posting images and delivering prints
  • How to compete in today’s marketplace


This five-hour presentation, which begins at 9 AM and ends at 3 PM (with an hour for lunch) is designed to demonstrate that you must be at the top of your game, in both photographic and marketing execution to be successful and create more income.  Marketing methods and product offerings have taken center stage in many areas of the country; plus your clients are more knowledgeable about digital possibilities than ever before.  If you’re not offering the latest and greatest, and coolest products available in the marketplace, you may not book the jobs you desire.

Perhaps you specialize in the youth sports market; or maybe you deal exclusively with high schools and middle schools.  Either way we have a system that works best for you, not only to create additional sales but also to help retain your clients from year-to-year.

There are over 60 million children, teenagers and boys and girls actively participating in sports in the U.S. Not only that, but it is a year-round photography market keeping successful sports photography businesses shooting continually throughout the year.  Wouldn’t you like a bigger piece of that pie?  You’ll hear real world examples and success stories about photographers using the methods that we provide.  If you are currently a photographer with a desire to expand your business; or if you are looking to create a sports photography business, then Candid Color Systems can help!

Sign up now and plan to attend one of these seminars being held in Florida.  For more information, go to

Dan Hays and Brian Speers, the presenters of this seminar for Candid Color Systems, have more than 78 combined years in the photo industry and bring their varied backgrounds and expertise to the table to share what they know so that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel when it comes to competing in the sports photography industry.


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