A New Way to Pay: PayPal is now available for CCS customers!

Candid Color Systems® is making it easier than ever for customers to buy their images online by offering Express Checkout from PayPal (ECS). PayPal is the worldwide leader in online payment solutions and the Express Checkout option has been shown to be the most effective way to pay for products and services on the Internet. In fact, according to a recent comScore study, when ECS was added, conversion rates increased by as much as *20% and overall sales increased by 1.2%.

*When compared to a standard checkout process 

Secured Payments

PayPal provides customers with a secure payment option that does not involve constantly typing in sensitive banking or credit card information. Payment information is stored securely online and credit card numbers and accounts are never shared with merchants.

User Popularity 

PayPal studies have shown that users feel confident when they click the “Checkout with PayPal” button and trust the services provided, which is evident in the increasing number of worldwide users. Barron’s online reported that PayPal’s registered users recently rose 12% to 110 million.

Streamlined Checkout Process

PayPal’s streamlined checkout process is simple, convenient and very user friendly. Customers can avoid sometimes lengthy checkout steps and can quickly finalize their purchases.

User Behavior 

A survey conducted by Jupiter Research in 2007 also concluded that 60% of consumers make their payment choice before they reach the payment page. Having multiple payment options available to the consumer guarantees a positive user experience.

In addition to all of the benefits listed above, there are no additional fees for using PayPal nor is there any additional admin set up required. You will also still receive your payment in the same amount of time as before.  Overall, the Express Checkout method is going to be a win, win for everyone and we are excited to see the positive effects that it’s going to have on your business.

CCS Offers Quick Turn Around

Whether you are ordering manually from Candid’s software, or your customers are placing orders on a CCS retail Web site, print orders will be fulfilled quickly. Standard print orders and in-stock items will usually ship from the lab within two to three business days. Customized items, such as matted prints, gallery wraps and framed prints will require an extra two or three days for completion.

Non-mounted items requiring artwork, such as Attitude Panos, Level Two prints, and Virtual Groups, typically take three to five business days before they are able to be printed. This timeframe may vary slightly depending on the amount of orders waiting for completion in the lab, retouching and other factors. Once artwork is ready, the printing process should be complete within two to three additional business days.

Turnaround rates apply only to the amount of time an item is in the lab being produced. Production times may be elongated especially during peak times. From May 15 until about the third week of July, customers should expect orders to take an extra three to five business days for completion. Please keep in mind that shipping times will vary depending on the order’s final destination.

Should you find the need to expedite an order, rush services are available at the following rates beginning Monday, March 19, 2012:

  • 1 Day rush – 25% of total lab print cost of the order, with $5 minimum
  • 2 Day rush – 15% of total lab print cost of the order, with $5 minimum

For more information regarding turnaround times and rush options, please call Customer Support at 800-750-0494.


Maximizing Candid Prom Photo Sales

Prom season is right around the corner so here’s a look at a way to maximize candid photo sales!  PhotoMatch, a CCS software solution, can be used in Proms where hundreds of students are being photographed multiple times.  This system allows students (and their parents) the ability to easily find their pictures online. This system also gives photographers the option of sending home printed proofs of each student’s candid photos!

Here is how it works! The PhotoMatch system revolves around a wireless scanner, barcodes, email addresses and the time clock inside all digital cameras. By synchronizing the time clocks with the scanners PhotoMatch is able to pinpoint the exact time customers are photographed, and then match their email address to the time they were photographed.

After taking a photo, the photographer would simply scan a barcode for each person in the photo. The photographer can also take multiple photos of a couple or group and then scan as many barcodes as they would like.

Barcodes can be distributed in several ways. Each attendee could receive one half of a 2-part card containing a barcode before entering the event. The photographer would keep the other half of the card that also contained the barcode and the attendee’s contact information such as email and mailing address.  Alternatively, photographers can create wristbands for each student attending. The wristband would contain a barcode to be scanned and student contact information would be collected when wristbands are distributed.

The PhotoMatch system was created to make it easier for the end customer to find their images online, thereby creating a more timely purchasing opportunity by sending a link, via email, that will take them directly to their photographs. The ability to get images in the hands of parents is also a way to boost sales! The scanning and “competition” to get more photos also creates excitement at school events like a Prom.
The PhotoMatch System provides an easy and reliable method for roving photographers to match customers to their photographs. Photomatch works with almost any digital camera by using a non-tethered bar code scanner to tag the images. It is a simple and easy process.

If you are interested in speaking with someone at Candid Color Systems concerning the PhotoMatch system call Customer Development at 1-800-336-4550.

Head to Puerto Rico this February for CCS’ Annual Winter Seminar for Customers

Tough economic times are a staunch reminder that we should all be taking a hard look at our businesses. Continually focusing on innovation and learning best practices to implement are keys to success at all times, but are especially important in today’s economy.

CCS is committed to bringing customers the latest information to help maintain and GROW their photo businesses! This year, we are heading to Puerto Rico for 4 days of presentations and networking among photographers. This seminar is FREE to CCS customers!

There are some details of our agenda that are especially noteworthy! CCS has a heavy focus on green screen during this seminar! Learn about the services CCS can offer in each of our markets! We will also discuss the improved software options for do-it-yourself green screen. Come learn about our green screen tests going on RIGHT NOW with the winter graduations.

CCS will also conduct hands-on, sample sports shoots! Learn about posing, marketing options, package set-up, pricing and more! There are also an abundance of new products and software enhancements to hear about!

Here are a few more reasons why you should make your way south to the Caribe Hilton Hotel in Puerto Rico for our Annual Winter Seminar.

The average high temperature in February is 84, and the average low is only 70 degrees.
Airline ticket prices are at their lowest in months!  The average cost for a round trip flight is $319 through Priceline.
Get out of the states without the hassle of needing a passport!
CCS has extended the seminar to last 4 days – giving you more time free to venture out and experience the best Puerto Rico has to offer!
Presentations will cover a variety of topics, Sports, Schools, Software Training, Marketing, and more!
Meet the CCS staff!  We always look forward to any opportunity to meet customers in person!
Networking!  This is a great opportunity to meet other photographers across the country.  Share tips, success stories, and laughter.

To open a CCS account and have access to all of this FREE information, click here!
To register for the CCS seminar online, click here. Remember, you must have a CCS account to attend.
For more information about our seminar or opening an account, email us or call Customer Development at1-800-336-4550.

We look forward to seeing you in Puerto Rico!

Post-Marketing for Winter Grads

Post Marketing for Winter Graduations

Graduation season is quickly approaching and it is important to follow some of the best practices of post marketing. The following tips have proven to increase sales. Follow these simple tips to make sure your business isn’t leaving any money on the table.

-Set up the Email Campaign prior to the Grad. The campaign automatically sends out emails periodically throughout the year once it has been configured and the emails have been queued.

-Upload images and have them online within 24 hours after the graduation has been shot.

-Queue Email Campaign within 24 hours notifying your customers that their event is online.

-Queue Paper Proofs and send them to print within 48 hours after the shoot.

-Make sure to offer Quick Retouching and advertise the service through your website and Emails. This costs you $3.00 and can be sold at retail for $10-15.

-Deliver PR Images within 3 days. Offer to burn a disk on site the day of the ceremony to give to the graduation staff.


Marketing to your customers requires that you be proactive. Our software is designed to help you reach out to your customers and doing this in a timely manner will get their attention and increase sales.





Reporting Evaluates the Success of your Business

Reporting Evaluates the Success of your Business

Candid Color Systems offers a variety of reports to assist you with managing your events, tracking sales, and photographer productivity. Each of our software platforms has a variety of reports that cover the success of your event and can be drilled down to analyze specific packages or your profit margin on a particular order. A few examples of CCS’ reporting include the following.

  • Master Event Report – Overview of the success of all events within a particular date range. This report tracks the number of images uploaded, percent of images ordered from, average order, average lab costs, subtotal of sales and lab costs, and total profit. These are only a few of the features this report illustrates. Use this master report to track your overall success and analyze what events are successful and determine why. This is a great place to start when trying to determine what can increase your sales.

  • Products Sold Report – Breakdown of products sold per events. Each event will feature the market the event was set up in, the quantity of each product sold, and any add-ons – like Pearlized Paper – associated with a particular product. This report can help you evaluate which packages and products are selling the best so you can maximize your success at all events.

  • Photographer Productivity Report – Tracks the efficiency of your photographers while on the job. Keep track of how many images your photographers are shooting an hour and if they are taking any long breaks. Determine if your photographers are being productive and evaluate goals to set for each event.

These are only three of the reports that Candid offers to help you evaluate your business. Other reports include Invoice Reporting, Order Activity, Sales Analysis, and Email Reporting. To learn more about how CCS can help you grow your business and maximize your success contact Customer Development at 800-336-4550.

Retail Marketing Tools Promote Online Sales

Retail Marketing Tools Promote Online Sales

Candid Color Systems offers four proprietary software platforms, QuicPics 2, QEMS (QuicPics Event Management System), QuicPost, and CORE. Each platform features a variety of valuable marketing tools to help you produce higher online sales including Quantity Discounts, Express Shipping and Tiered Pricing.

Quantity Discounts

CORE’s package builder has an option to give your customer’s a discounted price when ordering a quantity of the same product. You control the quantity of the package they must order and what price they receive. This encourages your customers to order more because they are getting a price break. Quantity Discounts are available in all markets and are determined per package.

Express Shipping

This new feature is not only available for you to use through the admin site, but your customers have the option to choose Express Shipping when placing their order online. Express Shipping must be setup through the Admin Setup. You determine what your customers are charged for this feature, so it can also be used as a profit center. When this option is selected the order will not be rushed through the lab, but it will be delivered Next Day via FedEx. Your customers could have their order within three days! Express Shipping is available in both CORE and QuicPost.

Tiered Pricing

QEMS allows you to offer your customers “specials” when ordering early. You can set your packages to be at a lower price for the first 2 weeks and have your prices go up on a specific date. Combined with Email Marketing your customers will be encouraged to act now and place their order early to take advantage of the good deals. Tiered Pricing is also available in QuicPics 2, QuicPost, and CORE, however it is on a per package basis. Each package must be setup to expire on a certain date, with the new, higher priced package set to activate on the same day.

CORE, the most advanced software platform, offers all three, Quantity Discounts, Express Shipping, Tired Pricing and much more!

Using these marketing tools your customers will be encouraged to order sooner, order more, and have the option to receive their prints within 3-4 days. All of these options will set you apart from your competitors and give you the opportunity to take advantage of proven marketing tools online retail stores use to promote sales

Candid Color is a no fee lab!!!

NO FEES!!! Does that sound good coming from a professional photo finishing lab?
Candid Color Systems® does NOT charge:


-Franchise Fees for using our lab
-Account sign up fees
-Monthly service charges
-Web based software fees
-Color correcting fees
-Print minimums
-Image upload and hosting fees
-Seminars & workshops fees

If you are paying for the above fees you need to change labs!!Candid Color Systems® DOES provide:


-Free sales and marketing support
-New and exciting products
-Competitive lab pricing
-Multiple proprietary software platforms to fit your business needs
-Complete order fulfillment including direct mail to your customer
-FAST turnaround time
-Software training and support available 24/7 365 days a year

Candid Color Systems® charges:
10% of online sales if your average file size is 600k or more.
8% of online sales If you average file size is less than 600k CandidColor Systems ONLY charges a percentage when you sell something to the end customer. Placing an order in your office is not subject to these fees.

At Candid Color Systems, we promote trying new things! There are NO upfront or per image fees allowing you to shoot more images! Just think of the savings and freedom you will experience if you bring your photo finishing to Candid Color Systems.

OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT TODAY at https://secure.candid.com/application/index.aspx

If you have any questions, comments or concerns call 1-800-336-4550 and we will be glad to help!

NorCal Candids Success Story

In 2003 Leslie Broadland started NorCal Candids in Northern California. NorCal Candids provides photography services at commencements, schools, corporate events, special events, sports leagues, weddings and for family portraits. Under Leslie’s directions, NorCal Candids has become a leader in sports and on-location event photography for youth organizations, schools, corporations and families. Leslie reinforces the importance of positive customer relations and over the years has earned a well-renowned reputation for offering timely and thorough services to her clients.The Challenge
NorCal quickly recognized California as a highly competitive photography market and Leslie wanted to stand out from her competitors. She wanted to become an expert selling photography packages online and re-marketing events for up to 90 days. Knowing this, she was in search of software that could assist NorCal with high online sales and managing photography shoots and events.

The Solution
After researching numerous options, Candid Color Sports™ was NorCal’s all-inclusive solution with their ViewFirst™ method of shooting photos. Leslie saw Candid’s ViewFirst™ method as a break-through advancement in the photography industry. With Candid’s ViewFirst™ program, Leslie is able to post client pictures online to market and sell. Leslie knew she wanted to remarket her events and send reminder emails to clients, therefore, the ViewFirst™ option was a way for her to further increase her business by allowing customers to view their pictures online for days after their event, rather than forcing clients to pay for pictures they haven’t seen or even taken. Instead of passing out ordering envelopes to the players and parents, NorCal now distributes webcards to collect email addresses. As soon as the pictures are online, Leslie can send out a simple email informing clients that their photos are ready to be viewed and purchased online.

Leslie does the majority of her selling online to focus on re-marketing and distributing reminder emails to clients using Candid Color Systems’ software. It is not uncommon for Leslie to do as much business and have as many sales in the 30-90 day range following an event as she does in the first 30 days following an event. In the photography business, her email remarketing efforts are a point of differentiation that set Leslie and NorCal above the rest.

In addition, Candid Color Systems was able to provide NorCal Candids with the state-of-the-art software to create an online client data base, manage event bookings and scheduling and to keep the NorCal business as organized as possible. Leslie and NorCal Candids chose Candid Color Systems to handle their online business alerts, sales, event tracking and managing, client management and much more. Candid Color Systems handles NorCal’s software capabilities, order placements and shipping to clients. Having software that does it all, allows Leslie and her team to solely focus on their core photography business and marketing efforts. The combination of the ViewFirst™ method and Candid Color Systems software has set them apart from the competition and put them at the top of the California photography industry.

NorCal Candid is able to make the most of the photography sales online using the Candid Color Systems website and ViewFirst™ option.
-Leslie is able to please her customers with Candid’s quick turnaround time and top-notch quality.

-Leslie’s sales during the 30-90 day range following an event continue to increase with Candid’s assistance; a feat that sets NorCal apart from the rest of the industry.


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