Marketing Proms: Making the Most of a Challenging Market!

Proms, which used to be the golden goose of the Spring photo season, have now become a financial challenge for photographers in the digital age. Proms are still being held all over the country, and expensive tuxedoes and fancy dresses are still all the rage at these events; but pre-paid posed photographs have taken a serious hit. Read more [...]

Making the Most of Prom Candids

With Easter less than a month away it’s safe to say that Proms are just around that next bend in the calendar. Though not the “cash cow” that they once were—especially from posed couple portraits—proms can still deliver decent revenue returns when you attack it from all fronts. Though the explosion of digital cameras and camera phones has influenced our industry significantly, there are still some strategies that you can employ to maximize your income at proms, namely, get the most out of your candid photographers and the number of images taken at prom events. It’s a proven fact that the more images taken at an event, the better your sales will be. By just relying on the posed couple packages you may be leaving extra money on the table. Using the CCS PhotoMatch system for Party Pics® candids can influence the buying patterns of your school dances and proms. Read more [...]

An Updated Look at Proms: Pre-promotion and Marketing alternatives

Proms were traditionally a lucrative market but were extremely competitive to book. The common marketing method utilized was Pre-Pay for Portraits, and online View First (speculation) for Party Pics® candids Many studio competitors did not offer candids or, if they did, took only a few. In recent years, sales at some Proms have declined by 50% or more. Students are not as excited about posed portraits or candid prints. Part of this is the surge of personal cameras taken to proms and the preference by students for digital images instead of prints. Despite this trend, we still believe the parents are quite interested in prints. In the past, most marketing was directed to the students and not the parents. Parents should be included and be a major focus of any marketing efforts concerning photographs at the prom. To successfully book proms and maximize their sales, you are going to have to change your mindset and your marketing methods. Read more [...]

Green Screen for Proms

If you are looking for a competitive edge this prom season, which will be upon us in a matter of weeks, then green screen photography may be something that you may want to explore. Read more [...]