Marketing Proms: Making the Most of a Challenging Market!

Proms, which used to be the golden goose of the Spring photo season, have now become a financial challenge for photographers in the digital age. Proms are still being held all over the country, and expensive tuxedoes and fancy dresses are still all the rage at these events; but pre-paid posed photographs have taken a serious hit. Read more [...]

Proms Sales: Online vs. Presold

Prom season is right around the corner and this is the time to decide your marketing strategy. Traditionally, most photographers have found success in shooting proms by pre-selling packages before or at the event. Selling packages at or before the event guarantees that you will collect your money the night of the prom. It is important to premarket to the parents in order to ensure that the students bring their money and forms. Read more [...]

CCS Annual Winter Seminar in Puerto Rico!

Here at Candid we pride ourselves on being involved with our customer base, by watching for changes in the market place and finding solutions to assist our customers in growing their business. Candid’s Seminars are just one way we reach out to teach our customers about best practices, innovative ideas, and new trends. This is also a chance for us to hear from you! This year, CCS’ annual winter seminar is in Puerto Rico. Our staff will be covering a wealth of information on a variety of markets including; Schools, Sports, Proms and Events. Topics include Software Training, Sales Calls, Green Screen Photography, Digital Photography, Marketing Your Images – Your Best Options, and what’s New at CCS. Read more [...]

Pre-Marketing for Fall and Winter Dances

With high school Homecoming and Holiday dances on the horizon over the next several months, this is the perfect time to plan your marketing strategies. Your goals should be to raise the participation rate, increase sales, and also try to raise your average ticket price. Read more [...]

PhotoMatch Success at Proms

In an attempt to maximize candid photo sales during last Spring’s prom and dance season, one Candid Color Systems customer made the most of this opportunity by utilizing our proprietary PhotoMatch system. Read more [...]

Jump Studio™ Results

We previously published an article about Candid Color’s new innovation, the Jump Studio.Since that article, we have put the studio in action at several Oklahoma City social events and have seen tremendous success! Read more [...]

3 ways to boost sales and offer better services!

Candid Color Systems has 3 unique services your customers will love and that can give you the incremental increase in sales you are looking for! Read more [...]