Making the Most of Prom Candids

With Easter less than a month away it’s safe to say that Proms are just around that next bend in the calendar. Though not the “cash cow” that they once were—especially from posed couple portraits—proms can still deliver decent revenue returns when you attack it from all fronts. Though the explosion of digital cameras and camera phones has influenced our industry significantly, there are still some strategies that you can employ to maximize your income at proms, namely, get the most out of your candid photographers and the number of images taken at prom events. It’s a proven fact that the more images taken at an event, the better your sales will be. By just relying on the posed couple packages you may be leaving extra money on the table. Using the CCS PhotoMatch system for Party Pics® candids can influence the buying patterns of your school dances and proms. Read more [...]

Maximizing Candid Prom Photo Sales

Prom season is right around the corner so here’s a look at a way to maximize candid photo sales! PhotoMatch, a CCS software solution, can be used in Proms where hundreds of students are being photographed multiple times. This system allows students (and their parents) the ability to easily find their pictures online. This system also gives photographers the option of sending home printed proofs of each student’s candid photos! Read more [...]

PhotoMatch Success at Proms

In an attempt to maximize candid photo sales during last Spring’s prom and dance season, one Candid Color Systems customer made the most of this opportunity by utilizing our proprietary PhotoMatch system. Read more [...]

Photomatch vs. Timestamp

CCS has developed and tested two unique systems to improve the way you display your images and make the process easier for your customers. Read more [...]

Photomatch- The Ultimate Proactive Marketing Tool

CCS exclusively owns, distributes and supports the software that will enable your customers to locate their images via locator number or email link. No computer is necessary at the shoot! Read more [...]