Winter Grads are Just Around the Corner- Are You Ready?!

You still have some time to execute last minute details that can make the difference between being more profitable, or merely maintaining the same level of sales as last year. Here are some helpful hints that you can still implement... Read more [...]

Offering Faux Groups for Sports

Faux groups are Candid Color’s newest approach to group photos. Faux groups are created from individual shots photographed in front of a green screen background. These shots are easy to setup, and can be done practically anywhere. Read more [...]

Quantity, Quality, Speed & Communication

With the variety of photography opportunities in the special events market, there are a few factors that should be considered to achieve successful sales. These factors are quantity of images, quality and uniqueness of images taken, the speed of posting and the communication to your customers about how they should find their images online. Read more [...]

7 Reasons To Shoot Multiple Poses for Youth Sports Photography

There are probably more than 7 reasons to take multiple shots when shooting youth sports, but here are a few that come to mind. Let’s dive in…. Read more [...]

Preparation for Summer Reunions

Why Shoot Reunions? A carefully selected 25th Reunion can easily yield a profit of $800 to $2,500 for one or two days of photography. That makes them well worth doing at a time when other business is slack. Reunions typically occur in middle to late summer, a time when most photographers could use some additional income because there are not very many school based events or sports to photograph. Reunions can usually be photographed with one or two photographers, so they do not require hiring a large staff of photographers or production personnel. How To Select The Ones To Photograph: Pick out the 15, 20, 25 and 30 Year Reunions at schools that were good at the time the participants were in High School. These particular reunions have the best combination of nostalgia and high percent of attendance. Also, pick reunions that seem to be well advertised and well organized. These will most likely have the highest attendance. High attendance means that you will have an opportunity to make more money. Read more [...]

Making the Most of Prom Candids

With Easter less than a month away it’s safe to say that Proms are just around that next bend in the calendar. Though not the “cash cow” that they once were—especially from posed couple portraits—proms can still deliver decent revenue returns when you attack it from all fronts. Though the explosion of digital cameras and camera phones has influenced our industry significantly, there are still some strategies that you can employ to maximize your income at proms, namely, get the most out of your candid photographers and the number of images taken at prom events. It’s a proven fact that the more images taken at an event, the better your sales will be. By just relying on the posed couple packages you may be leaving extra money on the table. Using the CCS PhotoMatch system for Party Pics® candids can influence the buying patterns of your school dances and proms. Read more [...]

Necessary Equipment to Shoot a League: From Cameras to Soccer Balls

You’ve booked your first league, and now you’re starting to stress because you realize you’re going to need more equipment. However, you aren’t sure what you need or how much to buy. Worry no more! Here is a list of equipment starting with the bare minimum of what you’ll need to make it through your shoot. Read more [...]

A Guide to Corporate Events and Parties

 How and where to book events         o Personnel Directors         o Managers         o Owners                   - Offer free photos for their publication needs  Pricing of Events          o Some companies pay for photographers to be at their functions  while others do not                  - For those that pay fees:                            • $60 - $100 per camera or $60 - $100 per Read more [...]

Benefit of Offering Multiple Poses

How many times have you heard a Mother say, “I really don’t like Johnny’s school pictures.” Usually, this refers to a single pose of Johnny that has been made into several 5x7 or 8x10 units. This statement contains the keys to why it is important to offer multiple poses in all markets where it is feasible. Read More... Read more [...]

Maximize Sales at Each of Your Events for the Best Possible Net profit

It is critically important to your profit picture to maximize sales at each event you shoot. The reason for this is that once all of the fixed costs like sales expense, office expense, photography expense and salaries are covered, then you are making a very high percentage of the additional sales. An example will make this much clearer: Let’s use a 300 student graduation for our study. Sales Let’s assume a selling price of $7.95 per 5x7 and $14.00 per 8x10. Let’s assume a participation rate of 42 % . This means 42% of the people photographed buy something. Let’s assume an order average of $35.71. That works out to $14.87 per graduate photographed. So, gross sales for this graduation would be .42 X 300=126 orders 126 Orders X $35.71=$4499. Let’s look at the costs involved in achieving these sales. Read more [...]