Preparation for Winter Grads

Winter grad season is right around the corner, so here is a checklist to make sure that you are implementing every strategy to have a profitable grad season. Following these guidelines will help increase your graduation sales and make your workflow run more smoothly. Read more [...]

3 ways to boost sales and offer better services!

Candid Color Systems has 3 unique services your customers will love and that can give you the incremental increase in sales you are looking for! Read more [...]

Spring Sports Are Being Booked Right Now!

Though we know it is near the end of September 2007, you should be looking at the calendar as though it says March 2008; especially if you are planning to market, book, and shoot spring sports. Though you may think this notion extreme or, perhaps even premature, I can assure you that if you are not yet planning for the spring sports season, your competitors are! Read more [...]