What Do I Do Now? Remarketing After Grads

Remarketing after the first thirty days of a graduation is an integral part of creating additional sales. Remember that the only costs associated with remarketing are prints, hosting fees, credit cards fees and mailing costs. Your other costs are already covered. Hence, you have a very high profit margin on the sales resulting from remarketing.

There are several ways to reach your customers after May that will increase your sales as well as profit margin. This will maximize your profits on graduation shoots.

Remarketing can be done many different ways. Additional emails and postcards are two great ways to reach your customer. Below you will see examples of what these additional efforts can mean for your sales and more importantly, your bottom line. Your total profit on an event can be increased by as much as 22%!

  • This example uses a 300 student graduation with two shots:

    Sales: Let’s assume ….
    Participation/buy rate of 42 % = 126 orders
    Selling price of $7.95 per 5×7 and $14 per 8×10
    Order average of $35.71 (without shipping)
    Sales subtotal $4499
    Gross sales $5129 (with $5 shipping)

    Variable Costs: Let’s assume ….





    Id’ing $12 /hr for 3 hrs.


    Data entry $12/hr for 2 hrs.


    Proofs at  $ .80 (including mailing) each X 300


    Print costs (15%)


    CC Processing fee


    Hosting fee (7%)


    Order entry $12 /hr for 3 hrs.




    Total Variable Costs


    Total costs $1787.72
    Gross sales $5129.46 (with shipping)
    Profit $3341.71 or 65%

Maximizing the event with remarketing

Now, let’s assume that we are able to increase sales 20% using cost-efficient postcards!
$6155.35 or an increase of $1025.89 (with postcards)
NOTE: Additional sales include a $5 archive fee for each order
22.44 orders at $45.71 each with archive fee & shipping

NEW Variable Costs: Let’s assume ….

Postcards at  $ .40 each X 174


Print cost


Hosting Fee (7%)


Order Entry




Labor $12/hr X 1hrs


Total add’l costs


$1025.89-$254.80 =$771.09 Net Profit after postcards
75% is pure profit on the additional 20% of sales


Increasing Sales with email marketing

Now, let’s assume that we are able to increase sales 10% using emails only!
$6155.35 or an increase of $512.95 (using emails only)

NOTE: Additional sales include a $5 archive fee for each order
11.22 orders at $45.71 each with archive fee & shipping

Variable Costs using emails: Let’s assume ….

Print cost


Hosting Fee (7%)


Order Entry




Labor $12/hr X 1hrs


Total add’l costs


$512.95-$121.79 =$391.16 Net Profit
76% Profit on the additional 10% of sales


The Results
The original profit on this graduation event was $3341.71.  Adding the additional profit with extended email marketing and postcards of $1162.25 = Total Profit of $4503.96.
A 34% increase in profit!
You now have 87% total profit now!
These additional sales account for 17% of your total sales! They also account for 26% of the total profit!


Candid Color Systems is now hosting your images for five years. As a photographer, you should take advantage of remarketing your events as well as having a five year marketing plan on all of your events. To discuss your remarketing efforts, please contact Customer Development at 800-336-4550.

Dance Schools: A Great Time to Market Your Services is NOW!

Right about this time of year, most dance schools/studios are planning their summer hiatus trying to recover from the chaos and long hours that occur annually with Spring recitals.  If you are seriously considering getting into the Dance school market, or are already reaping the rewards in this very lucrative market, there is no better time to make a sales effort and market your services than right now.  And this is why: if a school/studio had a bad experience with their current photographer company over the Spring recital season—which is typically from April though May—the pain of that bad experience is still fresh in their mind.  Bad photos, child-unfriendly photographers, poor service, slow turnaround, long lines and a schedule that was running nearly an hour late are just a few of the issues with which some studios may have had to contend.

Keep in mind that a dance studio is more similar to a league than a team. In a recent school photographed by our retail division, CCP, 242 individual dancers created nearly double the amount of photo sessions.  How did this happen?  Costumes.  By photographing individuals in multiple costumes you have the opportunity of selling more photographs of each student.   Never do you have the opportunity of photographing a baseball team in three different uniforms!

In addition, the school director may have had to distribute the finished prints to angry parents and listen to the same lame customer service story over and over again.  This is no way to treat a client!  So here are a few tips to consider when marketing your services to a dance school:

Speak only to the studio owner

Spinning your wheels and wasting time with a studio manager or a dance instructor is not time well spent.  If your initial visit doesn’t include a conversation with the school owner then get their phone number and set an appointment.  Don’t waste time with someone that isn’t the decision maker.

Show them your specialty products

Attitude panos, Level Two products, and graphic designs created by CCS just for the dance market. Understand that these products will open doors for you and encourage your client to listen to what you have to say.  Most have not seen products like this before, especially relative to dance.  At one school that our retail division photographed an additional $1379 was taken in just on Attitude panos of “dance company” members.



View First: your distinct competitive advantage

Using the CCS View First marketing system with multiple images of each dancer displayed online, you have several advantages that you can sell.

            1. It’s a no-hassle system – No envelopes to be handed out; no money collected up-front; and all orders are shipped directly to the end customer’s home. You couldn’t make it any easier for those involved with the shoot.

            2. CHOICE of Poses – Parents prefer the idea of purchasing photos AFTER they’ve had a chance to view their child’s images.  With a pre-pay system parents are frequently stuck with photos they don’t like.  In View First they get to see ALL images of their child whether it’s individual images, as part of a dance team, or even buddy shots.  Typical sales averages for dance school using View First range from $48-$52 per order, with 30-65% ordering.

            3. Email campaignsOnce you’ve photographed the dance school you can now use the email addresses collected at the shoot (or provided by the school) to remind parents about ordering online.  It’s been proven for years that every time an email is transmitted to potential customers there are a spike in sales.  An email campaign that spans a six or eight month period does the best job of keeping your name in front of your customers; it also creates the best opportunity for increased sales over a period of time.

CCS Dance Marketing Materials

To aid in your booking of dance schools CCS has created some booking flyers.  One version mentions giving the dance studio a commission; another version does not. We have also created flyers to help promote your products and Photo Day.  For more information on dance marketing materials or to become a customer, contact Brian Speers at 800-336-4550 ext. 251.

A Purple Cow: Is Your Social Media Remarkable?

A few months ago I discovered a man by the name of Seth Godin. He’s a marketing guru who  has written numerous books, countless papers and manifestos on all things marketing. It’s one of his ideas that I want to  talk to you about today. When driving around, really any part of the country, you’re bound to run into a cow. It happens, they’re everywhere. But, when you drive by a cow your probably not going to stop to look and say “Wow, it’s a cow!” This is because cows are boring. You see them almost everywhere and you’ve seen them countless times, so this makes them invisible to most people. However, if you were driving down the road and saw a cow that was purple you are more than likely going to take notice. Heck, you might even pull over and try to touch it. Why? Because a purple cow is remarkable. It’s something that the majority of people haven’t seen before and it forces them to take notice. At least for awhile, because if all cows were purple than that would cause them to become invisible to us again after a certain amount of time.  

The same principle applies to your social media efforts. If you keep giving people cows, you’re not getting the most out of your social media marketing. People are on Facebook and Twitter because they want to find the latest most interesting stuff to talk about. So give it to them! For example, if you created an amazing new product there is nothing wrong with telling people about it. That would probably peek some people’s interest. But what if on top of that you gave a video demonstration of how that product worked? That would be remarkable. You have the same opportunity to do some amazing stuff using Social Media. To get people excited and talking about what your business is doing. Don’t waste it by giving people boring, ordinary stuff. Go out and be extraordinary and force people to take notice.

Head to Puerto Rico this February for CCS’ Annual Winter Seminar for Customers

Tough economic times are a staunch reminder that we should all be taking a hard look at our businesses. Continually focusing on innovation and learning best practices to implement are keys to success at all times, but are especially important in today’s economy.

CCS is committed to bringing customers the latest information to help maintain and GROW their photo businesses! This year, we are heading to Puerto Rico for 4 days of presentations and networking among photographers. This seminar is FREE to CCS customers!

There are some details of our agenda that are especially noteworthy! CCS has a heavy focus on green screen during this seminar! Learn about the services CCS can offer in each of our markets! We will also discuss the improved software options for do-it-yourself green screen. Come learn about our green screen tests going on RIGHT NOW with the winter graduations.

CCS will also conduct hands-on, sample sports shoots! Learn about posing, marketing options, package set-up, pricing and more! There are also an abundance of new products and software enhancements to hear about!

Here are a few more reasons why you should make your way south to the Caribe Hilton Hotel in Puerto Rico for our Annual Winter Seminar.

The average high temperature in February is 84, and the average low is only 70 degrees.
Airline ticket prices are at their lowest in months!  The average cost for a round trip flight is $319 through Priceline.
Get out of the states without the hassle of needing a passport!
CCS has extended the seminar to last 4 days – giving you more time free to venture out and experience the best Puerto Rico has to offer!
Presentations will cover a variety of topics, Sports, Schools, Software Training, Marketing, and more!
Meet the CCS staff!  We always look forward to any opportunity to meet customers in person!
Networking!  This is a great opportunity to meet other photographers across the country.  Share tips, success stories, and laughter.

To open a CCS account and have access to all of this FREE information, click here!
To register for the CCS seminar online, click here. Remember, you must have a CCS account to attend.
For more information about our seminar or opening an account, email us or call Customer Development at1-800-336-4550.

We look forward to seeing you in Puerto Rico!

Pre-Marketing for Fall and Winter Dances

With high school Homecoming and Holiday dances on the horizon over the next several months, this is the perfect time to plan your marketing strategies.  Your goals should be to raise the participation rate, increase sales, and also try to raise your average ticket price. 

During the past prom season there were a few CCS customers who were very successful in regaining participation but more importantly, increasing their sales on events from the previous year.

In both cases, each were proactive in reaching out to the parents of the students to stimulate more couples being photographed, and more money being spent at the events.  The photographers created a school approved personal letter that they mailed to each student. Once the content of the letter was approved, the school gave the photographers all of the home addresses of the students that were eligible to attend the prom i.e., Juniors and Seniors.

This letter was very simple and had all the components of a well advertised product.  His goal was simply to appeal to the parents who, he assumed, had probably been photographed at their prom.  He figured if they had been photographed at their prom, than they understand the significance of the photo and would want their children photographed.  

It worked beautifully, 94% of the attendees purchased photos as compared to 65% the previous year and two-thirds of the orders were checks or credit cards proving that the parents had received the message.  Also, coming to the prom with completed order forms kept lines to a minimum. 

To raise the average ticket price a good idea would be to offer both standard and deluxe packages; traditional Kodak Endura paper on the standard packages and the Kodak Metallic paper on the deluxe packages. Having samples of both papers side-by-side on your sample table is critical in persuading the couples to upsell to the higher grade paper. 

Take charge of your events.  Don’t expect that just because your customers were photographed and ordered last year that they’ll do the same this year.  Be proactive and assertive in your planning for upcoming events.  Both homecoming and holiday dances can contribute significantly to your bottom line so long as you take the first step to get them to the camera.

Three Steps to a Successful Email Campaign

Three Steps to a Successful Email Campaign

Whether marketing your events using PayFirst or ViewFirst an email campaign is a powerful tool in your arsenal of marketing tools provided by CCS. The success of an email campaign depends on several factors, including, collecting quality email addresses, creating a campaign, and monitoring the success of the campaign through reports. Candid has developed materials and software that help you boost sales after the event.

Collect Quality Email Addresses

Collecting fresh email addresses should be a high priority at every event that you shoot, whether it is Sports, Graduations, or Party Pics. In these situations it is important to communicate to your customers that their email addresses will only be used to send them a proof or link to view their images. They should also be made aware that their images will be posted online.

CCS can provide you with a variety of materials to collect email addresses at any shoot, including, templates that can be used on PayFirst Envelopes, Speculation Forms, and Perforated Cards.


Creating an Email Campaign

CORE now features a new email campaign with eight different templates that can be sent out periodically throughout the year. This new program is available in both the Grad and Sports Markets. CCS has developed a successful email campaign that is ready for you to begin using right now, or you can create your own. The Official Grad Email Campaign consists of eight different emails which are sent out throughout the year.

This Email Campaign has been designed to not pose a threat and be labeled as spam. Emails can be sent as HTML or Plain Text, and does not include large images to maximize deliverability rates. Email Marketing is cost effective (Free!), and an efficient way of reaching out to all of your customers. If you have not implemented an email campaign yet, you are missing out on sales following your event. 

Following the Success of Your Email Campaign through Reports

CORE features Email Reporting which allows you to follow the success of your campaign by easily viewing how many emails were sent, opened, and clicked through. Initially, you are able to view each of your email campaigns that you have created, how many emails were sent, bounced, and were opened. You can then sort the reports in various ways. You can view the entire campaign and study which emails were most successful. Another great feature is that you can view all of the email addresses that bounced back and correct any obvious mistakes. Then just re-queue the corrected emails and they will be sent back out.

Email reporting is a great way to track the success of particular emails or campaigns. It’s a great way to keep track of which email addresses are bouncing back and manage them accordingly. Setting up an email campaign is only one of the steps, but it is important to follow up and make sure you are actually reaching as many customers as possible.

Post email marketing is a valuable tool that CCS has provided and it is important to take advantage of this easy and free resource. A successful email campaign begins with collecting fresh email addresses and ends with tracking the success of your campaign. For more information about Email Marketing contact Customer Development at 800-336-4550.

Retail Marketing Tools Promote Online Sales

Retail Marketing Tools Promote Online Sales

Candid Color Systems offers four proprietary software platforms, QuicPics 2, QEMS (QuicPics Event Management System), QuicPost, and CORE. Each platform features a variety of valuable marketing tools to help you produce higher online sales including Quantity Discounts, Express Shipping and Tiered Pricing.

Quantity Discounts

CORE’s package builder has an option to give your customer’s a discounted price when ordering a quantity of the same product. You control the quantity of the package they must order and what price they receive. This encourages your customers to order more because they are getting a price break. Quantity Discounts are available in all markets and are determined per package.

Express Shipping

This new feature is not only available for you to use through the admin site, but your customers have the option to choose Express Shipping when placing their order online. Express Shipping must be setup through the Admin Setup. You determine what your customers are charged for this feature, so it can also be used as a profit center. When this option is selected the order will not be rushed through the lab, but it will be delivered Next Day via FedEx. Your customers could have their order within three days! Express Shipping is available in both CORE and QuicPost.

Tiered Pricing

QEMS allows you to offer your customers “specials” when ordering early. You can set your packages to be at a lower price for the first 2 weeks and have your prices go up on a specific date. Combined with Email Marketing your customers will be encouraged to act now and place their order early to take advantage of the good deals. Tiered Pricing is also available in QuicPics 2, QuicPost, and CORE, however it is on a per package basis. Each package must be setup to expire on a certain date, with the new, higher priced package set to activate on the same day.

CORE, the most advanced software platform, offers all three, Quantity Discounts, Express Shipping, Tired Pricing and much more!

Using these marketing tools your customers will be encouraged to order sooner, order more, and have the option to receive their prints within 3-4 days. All of these options will set you apart from your competitors and give you the opportunity to take advantage of proven marketing tools online retail stores use to promote sales

Candid Color Systems’ Software Offers Up-Sells to Produce Sales

While shopping online have you ever been asked when checking out “Would you like to add this product for only $14.99?” This simple question is an up-sell and it’s an easy way to encourage your customers to purchase more. Candid Color Systems’ unique software provides several marketing tools, including the ability to create up-sells for your online sales.Using CCS’ CORE or QuicPost™ software you are able to choose the products you would like to up-sell and at what specific price. An up-sell can range from adding additional wallets to upgrading your package with mounting. Candid’s Default Offer has a variety of up-sells already built in.With Candid’s software, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to create an up-sell with these simple steps. First, create your up-sell package, second, check the “up-sell” box, and last, select the package in your original offer that you would like to associate the up-sell with.You can offer a limitless amount of products as an up-sell. The most common and easiest to market to your customers are Pearlized Portrait Finish™, Wallets, and Mounting. Creating an up-sell that is attractive and catches your customer’s attention is important. Add vivid descriptions of the products and include an image of the up-sell product to your offer. Product sample images including several Animated GIFS are available to Candid Color Systems customers on our customer tools website, CandidNet.

Creating an up-sell online gives you a competitive advantage and can create extra sales with no extra work.

Here is one example: at a 500 person shoot:

  • 50 percent order and out of that 250, 125 of them order online.
  • The average amount for these online orders is $49.06 equaling $6,132.50.
  • Out of the 125 that order online, 8% (10) will take the up-sell.
  • The average up-sell is $15 dollars which equals an extra $150 (2.2%) dollars to your previous total without any additional marketing or advertising.

This means, if 5,000 are shot, you have the potential of adding $1,500 to your total just by creating up-sells!

Up-sells are direct advertisements to your customer to purchase an extra product or service. By creating attractive offers you can maximize your sales without any additional work. With Candid’s software, up-sells work great in many markets especially with portraits, sports and grads and. By not offering them, you are losing out on additional sales. START UP-SELLING TODAY to see the benefits first-hand!


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