CCS Annual Winter Seminar in Puerto Rico!

Here at Candid we pride ourselves on being involved with our customer base, by watching for changes in the market place and finding solutions to assist our customers in growing their business.  Candid’s Seminars are just one way we reach out to teach our customers about best practices, innovative ideas, and new trends.  This is also a chance for us to hear from you!  This year, CCS’ annual winter seminar is in Puerto Rico.  Our staff will be covering a wealth of information on a variety of markets including; Schools, Sports, Proms and Events.  Topics include Software Training, Sales Calls, Green Screen Photography, Digital Photography, Marketing Your Images – Your Best Options, and what’s New at CCS.

Candid has also added a guest speaker to the agenda, Frank Harrison.  Frank has 21 years of experience in the photography industry, and has had great success shooting youth sports.  He has been featured on the SEPCOM tour and spoke at Imaging USA in Phoenix, AZ.  Frank will share his innovative ideas, and conduct an actual outdoor sports shoot. Discover how to shoot fewer action photos with less staff, while doubling your weekend’s income! Frank will explain what equipment is needed to do “posed action photography,” how to set up a posed action shoot area and how to create a smooth workflow.

We feel it is more important than ever before for our customers to attend the seminar, so we are offering an extended payment plan on hotel rooms to make it easier for everyone to attend!  When you book your room through Candid you will be able to pay for your room over a 3 month period beginning March 1st.  A third of the room will be charged to your lab bill on March 1st, April 1st, and May 1st.  Too make it even easier we will also find a roommate for you to cut the cost in half.  If we are unable to find a roommate for you we will pay for half of the room!  Attending our Winter Seminar will pay for itself with the knowledge that you bring back with you.  All of the information gained will be something you can incorporate into your business tomorrow!

To learn more about The CCS Winter Seminar you can contact Evie at ext. 377.  Become a customer

Pre-Marketing for Fall and Winter Dances

With high school Homecoming and Holiday dances on the horizon over the next several months, this is the perfect time to plan your marketing strategies.  Your goals should be to raise the participation rate, increase sales, and also try to raise your average ticket price. 

During the past prom season there were a few CCS customers who were very successful in regaining participation but more importantly, increasing their sales on events from the previous year.

In both cases, each were proactive in reaching out to the parents of the students to stimulate more couples being photographed, and more money being spent at the events.  The photographers created a school approved personal letter that they mailed to each student. Once the content of the letter was approved, the school gave the photographers all of the home addresses of the students that were eligible to attend the prom i.e., Juniors and Seniors.

This letter was very simple and had all the components of a well advertised product.  His goal was simply to appeal to the parents who, he assumed, had probably been photographed at their prom.  He figured if they had been photographed at their prom, than they understand the significance of the photo and would want their children photographed.  

It worked beautifully, 94% of the attendees purchased photos as compared to 65% the previous year and two-thirds of the orders were checks or credit cards proving that the parents had received the message.  Also, coming to the prom with completed order forms kept lines to a minimum. 

To raise the average ticket price a good idea would be to offer both standard and deluxe packages; traditional Kodak Endura paper on the standard packages and the Kodak Metallic paper on the deluxe packages. Having samples of both papers side-by-side on your sample table is critical in persuading the couples to upsell to the higher grade paper. 

Take charge of your events.  Don’t expect that just because your customers were photographed and ordered last year that they’ll do the same this year.  Be proactive and assertive in your planning for upcoming events.  Both homecoming and holiday dances can contribute significantly to your bottom line so long as you take the first step to get them to the camera.

Three Steps to a Successful Email Campaign

Three Steps to a Successful Email Campaign

Whether marketing your events using PayFirst or ViewFirst an email campaign is a powerful tool in your arsenal of marketing tools provided by CCS. The success of an email campaign depends on several factors, including, collecting quality email addresses, creating a campaign, and monitoring the success of the campaign through reports. Candid has developed materials and software that help you boost sales after the event.

Collect Quality Email Addresses

Collecting fresh email addresses should be a high priority at every event that you shoot, whether it is Sports, Graduations, or Party Pics. In these situations it is important to communicate to your customers that their email addresses will only be used to send them a proof or link to view their images. They should also be made aware that their images will be posted online.

CCS can provide you with a variety of materials to collect email addresses at any shoot, including, templates that can be used on PayFirst Envelopes, Speculation Forms, and Perforated Cards.


Creating an Email Campaign

CORE now features a new email campaign with eight different templates that can be sent out periodically throughout the year. This new program is available in both the Grad and Sports Markets. CCS has developed a successful email campaign that is ready for you to begin using right now, or you can create your own. The Official Grad Email Campaign consists of eight different emails which are sent out throughout the year.

This Email Campaign has been designed to not pose a threat and be labeled as spam. Emails can be sent as HTML or Plain Text, and does not include large images to maximize deliverability rates. Email Marketing is cost effective (Free!), and an efficient way of reaching out to all of your customers. If you have not implemented an email campaign yet, you are missing out on sales following your event. 

Following the Success of Your Email Campaign through Reports

CORE features Email Reporting which allows you to follow the success of your campaign by easily viewing how many emails were sent, opened, and clicked through. Initially, you are able to view each of your email campaigns that you have created, how many emails were sent, bounced, and were opened. You can then sort the reports in various ways. You can view the entire campaign and study which emails were most successful. Another great feature is that you can view all of the email addresses that bounced back and correct any obvious mistakes. Then just re-queue the corrected emails and they will be sent back out.

Email reporting is a great way to track the success of particular emails or campaigns. It’s a great way to keep track of which email addresses are bouncing back and manage them accordingly. Setting up an email campaign is only one of the steps, but it is important to follow up and make sure you are actually reaching as many customers as possible.

Post email marketing is a valuable tool that CCS has provided and it is important to take advantage of this easy and free resource. A successful email campaign begins with collecting fresh email addresses and ends with tracking the success of your campaign. For more information about Email Marketing contact Customer Development at 800-336-4550.

Retail Marketing Tools Promote Online Sales

Retail Marketing Tools Promote Online Sales

Candid Color Systems offers four proprietary software platforms, QuicPics 2, QEMS (QuicPics Event Management System), QuicPost, and CORE. Each platform features a variety of valuable marketing tools to help you produce higher online sales including Quantity Discounts, Express Shipping and Tiered Pricing.

Quantity Discounts

CORE’s package builder has an option to give your customer’s a discounted price when ordering a quantity of the same product. You control the quantity of the package they must order and what price they receive. This encourages your customers to order more because they are getting a price break. Quantity Discounts are available in all markets and are determined per package.

Express Shipping

This new feature is not only available for you to use through the admin site, but your customers have the option to choose Express Shipping when placing their order online. Express Shipping must be setup through the Admin Setup. You determine what your customers are charged for this feature, so it can also be used as a profit center. When this option is selected the order will not be rushed through the lab, but it will be delivered Next Day via FedEx. Your customers could have their order within three days! Express Shipping is available in both CORE and QuicPost.

Tiered Pricing

QEMS allows you to offer your customers “specials” when ordering early. You can set your packages to be at a lower price for the first 2 weeks and have your prices go up on a specific date. Combined with Email Marketing your customers will be encouraged to act now and place their order early to take advantage of the good deals. Tiered Pricing is also available in QuicPics 2, QuicPost, and CORE, however it is on a per package basis. Each package must be setup to expire on a certain date, with the new, higher priced package set to activate on the same day.

CORE, the most advanced software platform, offers all three, Quantity Discounts, Express Shipping, Tired Pricing and much more!

Using these marketing tools your customers will be encouraged to order sooner, order more, and have the option to receive their prints within 3-4 days. All of these options will set you apart from your competitors and give you the opportunity to take advantage of proven marketing tools online retail stores use to promote sales


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