What’s New for Candid Color Customers?

If you are looking for a professional print lab or are considering switching from your current lab, give Candid Color a try! We provide solutions for photography businesses of all sizes and offer turn-key marketing systems to guide you through the booking, sales and photography processes. We are continually adding new items to our vast collection of specialty products, which is sure to give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for. Here are just a few of our newest additions.


Multi Image Level TwoTM designs are the newest addition to our Level TwoTM product line. Multi-Image Level TwoTM prints are available in 4x5s, 8x10s and 16x20s. Each design displays 2-3 images of each athlete and can be personalized with custom text. Create a fun and unique product that is sure to impress parents and coaches alike!


Pano Collages are available in two sizes: 5×15 and 10×30. The 10×30 Pano Collage holds 4-15 images and the smaller, 5×15 Pano Collage holds 4-7 images. Each of our 9 designs can be customized with text and our 10×30 option can also be mounted or framed for a finished look.

 NEW Greeting Card designs have been added to our collection of 4×8, slim line Holiday Greeting Cards and our line of 5×7 Premium Folded Greeting Cards. All cards can be personalized with supplementary text or a custom greeting at no additional charge and are available with white envelopes.


New Green Screen backgrounds have been added to our ever-growing collection of over 400 backgrounds. All of these backgrounds are available exclusively for Candid Color customers, completely free of charge.


To learn more about each new product listed above or to become a customer, please contact Customer Development at 1-800-336-4550.  We look forward to doing business with you!  

A New Way To Market Attitude Panos

Brad Medley, a CCS sports photography customer, has a unique method of promoting and selling the “…nearly 60” Attitude Panos that he has photographed since the end of August.New to CCS as a customer in 2007, Brad enjoys a special relationship with his leagues because of his two-pronged approach to sports photography: shooting traditional “T&I” images like most sports customers; and also offering on-site printing for his action shots from a trailer that he brings to events to promote his action shots.

But, there is no doubt that the MVP of this football season has been the Attitude Panos that he is marketing for cheer and football teams; and his sales method is definitely atypical.Here is what he does to maximize his pano sales for each team.

After shooting team and individual shots for the conventional print offerings and sports products, Brad then cycles each athlete through for a special “attitude” full-length shot.One week later he returns with his trailer to do action shots of the same team, and begins to sell his attitude panos from the trailer that were pre-printed to sell to the anxiously awaiting parents.He pre-prints a number of panos equal to about 75% of the number of kids on each team.At that point the feeding frenzy begins and he sells the prints for $35, until he sells out.

Following that, if there are still some parents that didn’t get a chance to buy he takes orders on the spot.If they miss the first two buying opportunities then he places the image online and the price rises to $45!The reaction of the parents, in Brad’s words, is “ear-to-ear smiles”, “some tears” and “general excitement”. In an alternate marketing method that Brad offers you can purchase any of his top three packages and add a pano for $25. He also includes a pano in his top sports package which costs $95.

If you are looking for an alternate way to sell Attitude panos you may want to try pre-printing to take advantage of the excitement and create sales through impulse buying.It seems to work great for Brad!

Eyes N Hart Photography Perfects the Level Two Experience

Successful photography is about creating an experience for the customer, and Andrew Isenhart of Eyes N Hart Photography in Vancouver, WA, took this idea to the next level.Andrew shot 50 students at a local Martial Arts School over a two day period.He did not shoot the entire school, only those who were interested.The sales experience was personal, and Andrew walked away with an average per student shot of $80.76.Andrew organized each step of the shoot weeks in advance and all of his planning paid off and opened more doors.

The Photography Experience

Level Two gave Isenhart an edge over his competition and provided an opportunity to pose the students in unique poses other photographers would not be able to duplicate.Andrew made sure he was able to take his time with each student and give them plenty of personal attention, shooting 15 – 20 frames.Using a background with studio lights and playing music, Andrew had the Instructor hold the students in poses they would not be able to do on their own.This gives the student the feeling of being a star.Music is playing creating energy, studio lights give the feeling of being important, and with the instructor posing them each student looked like a master martial artist.Andrew shot this knowing that we would cut out the instructor and leave the student for the Level Two products.


After each student Andrew passed on the memory card to an assistant who loaded the images and made a copy of each image.Next, the assistant rotated the copied images using Compu Pics.Once the images are rotated the Student, along with their parents, are ready to view and order.

The Sales Experience

Before the student was shot they filled out a contact form with their information.After the shoot this form was given to a Sales Representative.Andrew had two sales stations, each consisted of a computer with an internet connection and a set of Martial Art samples.

The Sales Representative sat down with the parents and went through each image.The Representative wrote down each frame number that the parents liked.Next, the sales process began.The parents looked at the samples and decided what product they wanted for each favorite image.The Sales Representative filled out the order form with the parents encouraging them to purchase higher end products.

Finally, the parents paid for their order with cash, check, or credit card.Each sales station had an internet connection, allowing credit cards to be run on the spot using a Virtual Terminal, such as Pay Pal.This only cost Andrew 3% of his sales, and since 75% of his sales were paid with credit card, it was well worth it!

The Result

By focusing on the importance of the sales experience Andrew had an average dollar sale of $98.49.Many of these orders consisted of 2 or 3 different Level Two Styles in several sizes, as well as, regular prints.Andrew capitalized on the impulse to buy, and provided viewing stations with a trained Sales Representative. Level Two products helped set him apart from his competition.This along with creating an exciting experience for the students encouraged sales.

Andrew has already been asked to come back and shoot the rest of the students at the school, and they will be referring him to another school in the area.Martial Arts is an overlooked sport, and Eyes N Hart Photography has proven this is a lucrative sport to pursue.

Use A “Playbook” To Get In The Game

Candid Color Photography has seen tremendous success with a new marketing tool. They designed and printed a “High School Playbook” and a “Youth Sports Playbook” to book with area leagues and districts. This marketing tool outlines all of the features and benefits or their service and gives coaches and decision makers an insight into your business. 

The playbook is a great marketing piece to use when you have an appointment with a coach or a group of decision makers. It shows your audience that you are not only professional, but you have a creative edge. In your playbook, it is essential to outline what you can provide to coaches, parents, booster club members and players. It is important to use images of your products and enticing colors and text. Some talking points for your playbook could be the ever popular Level Two™ and of course View First™. This is a huge selling point for coaches, many have never experienced the effortless photo day, easy ordering systems and quick order delivery.

Candid Color Systems is here to help you put together a playbook to get you in the game! If you would like more information contact Customer Development at 1-800-336-4550.

“Attitude” Takes Team Images to the Next Level

Tired of the same traditional team picture that you offer year after year? Candid Color Systems can help you deliver a new team image that will impress your customers and give you an edge over your competition. “Attitude” is just one of the latest Level Two styles CCS has to offer. Similar to Candid’s other Level Two styles, “Attitude” is not sport specific and is great for any age group. All Level Two prints are printed on Kodak’s Premium Endura Metallic Paper.

Take your team image to the next level by shooting an edgy and contemporary image that players and coaches get excited about! This panoramic print is shot in one frame. Pose players in a variety of different poses (kneeling, arms crossed, hands on hip, etc.) and with different pieces of equipment. Each print allows you to insert either the team name or slogan to personalize the image. “Attitude” helps you capture the personality of the team and allows you to be creative.

If the traditional team poses are what you are after CCS can also help you take those to the next level as well. “No I” is another Level Two team print. The background is removed and replaced with the team name. By adding the team logo to your account our graphic artists are able to insert the image and make it appear to be printed across the gymnasium floor or grass.

Look beyond an ordinary team picture and consider what else “Attitude” or “No I” can be used for. These unique prints make a great gift to the school, coaches, or sponsors. It is also a great way to highlight the graduating seniors on a team.

Order your samples today for the Fall Sports Season. Contact your Customer Development Representative with any questions (800) 336-4550.

Simulated Action Shoots for Level Two Products™

Candid Color Systems’ Level Two™ products look great with posed or action shots. Taking good action shots requires attending a practice or game with the right high-speed equipment and a little bit of luck! Many times, it is more realistic (and fun for the participants) to conduct a simulated action shoot.

Simulated action shoots should be like our Level Two™ products…fun, different, and memorable. You want the players to leave feeling excited about their images. Building this excitement will create more interest in viewing and ultimately purchasing products from you.

Selecting your simulated action!

When selecting poses for the Level Two™ simulated action shoot, there are a few factors that you must consider; the sport you are shooting, the age of the players, and the products you are offering.

When selecting simulated action shots, think a little outside of the box. Have the players simulate the action of their sport and specifically the position that they play. For example: A kicker on the football team may not want to “simulate” a pass in his photos. You can use drills such as dribbling down a basketball court one-at-a-time or taking a shot on a given mark to help re-create that game-day look! Use cones or tape on the floor to help organize the activities. Younger players have more posing limitations. It’s better to keep the poses simple, but offer several varieties for mom to choose from.

Face time!

It is important to remember that the player’s face is what a mom wants to see! The player does not need to look directly at the camera when simulating action, but make sure their face is not covered by a ball, arm or hair. Attitude poses are another great alternative for older players. Lose the smile and get a different perspective on the player!

Create a fun atmosphere!

Simulating action is tough without that game-day adrenaline! You can help create the exciting atmosphere your photo shoot needs by exhibiting a lot of energy as the photographer, and playing fun (and loud) music. Bring in a large speaker and an Ipod filled with age-appropriate favorites for playing music that will set the mood! Encourage the players to have a good time and be supportive of each other!

Generate excitement!

 To build excitement before the photo shoot create a display of sample products for the players and coaches to see. If possible, set up a display table a few days in advance where the players congregate for practice or meetings. This will give them the opportunity to really see the products and the simulated action results you are trying to achieve. Provide flyers the players can take home to their parents which will include your prices and the products you are offering. This is a great time to explain to the parents how photo day is going to be different this year. If a table prior to the shoot is not possible then make sure to have a display table at the photo shoot.

If you are already shooting team and individual shots, you can easily add simulated action poses to your photo shoot. By shooting 2-3 additional poses you could create a greater interest in viewing all of the images from photo day and increase your opportunity to sell Level Two™ products.

Level Two™ Products

Candid Color Systems is seeing phenomenal success with a new line of products called Level Two™. Candid Color Systems’ Level Two™ products are custom pieces of artwork created from your posed, action or simulated action sports images. Our artists place your image on one of our Level Two™ background designs which are then matched to the color of the subject’s uniform/ clothing. Many Level Two™ designs can also be customized with the athlete’s name, team, organization logo and year or school letter. The resulting image is always printed on Kodak’s Endura Metallic paper.

Level Two™ designs are typically not sport-specific so they are more flexible. Of course, some designs lend themselves to particular activities better than others, but there are many possibilities with each. Level Two™ designs have been used for sports, groups, dance, portraits and more!

As an example, see our sample images below. This is the same design used with several different sports & activities. Each sample has the background color matched to the clothing or uniform of the subject.

Candid Color Systems’ Level Two™ products are helping photographers in several ways. Level Two™ gives our photographers an edge when booking business. Our product is unique within the industry and for every person photographed. Level Two™ can also create buying excitement. These products are great for any age and are different than the typical photo a parent can take themselves. Level Two™ can also be produced from photos no-matter what kind of background was used. This includes on location, in-studio or green screen photographs.

Consider offering Candid Color Systems’ unique Level Two™ line to transform your images into premium products!

Candid Color Systems offers great tools for pre-paid and speculation sports programs. We offer online proofing, online ordering, order envelopes, password cards, mailing direct to your end customer, software to print paper proofs, an amazing array of sports products, photographer order entry and over 30 years of photography experience!

For help or questions, please call Brian Speers at 800-336-4550, Ext. 251, or Dan Hays at Ext. 227.

Level Two™ Sports Products

Last December, Candid Color Systems introduced an innovative and electrifying line of products in the Sports market called Level Two. L2sports products are custom prints of an individual player-or a team-surrounded by high-level graphics that are color coordinated to the athlete’s uniforms, and can also include the school or team logo.

These products are the coolest and most imaginative products ever to ship from the production floor of CCS! The original idea behind Level Two was to offer something that the competition didn’t and to create a product that would coordinate especially well with game action shots or simulated action. The work flow allows you to send us a jpeg of your subject; then we cut out the image of the individual. The image is then dropped into one of the unique designed backgrounds chosen by your end customer.

Originally, there were seven distinct background designs with equally distinctive names. We are now into Level Two Phase Two will not only offer new designs with names like Halo, The Catalyst, Stellar, Psionic and Vortex, but it will allow you to use TWO unique images within one Level Two product. In addition to the double image photos you will also be able to offer custom logos of schools, organizations, teams and leagues. As with all Level Two products they are only produced on the Kodak Metallic paper which, we think, highlights the special attributes of these products and allows you to charge a premium price for these premium products. We also recommend further enhancing these products by having them mounted on Gator foam or foam core backing.

If you are planning to shoot sports action or simulated action please keep in mind that a SHARP, mostly full-frame image of the athlete will make the best product. This means if you are taking game action you need to have a long telephoto lens that can reach out to the middle of the field, diamond, or court. This is important because an image of an athlete-extracted from a small portion of the photograph-and then enlarged to fill a 16 x 20 print will look out-of-focus, and somewhat pixilated if the original is not large enough. Also keep in mind that high shutter speeds are recommended when you are attempting to stop the action.

If you are not a good sports action photographer (and let’s face it, not everyone is) then consider shooting simulated action which can be done in a studio, on a basketball court, or on a baseball diamond. It is better to have a great simulated action shot then a mediocre or out-of-focus game action shot. Keep in mind that a benchwarmer is rarely in true action shots; but they can simulate action, and they will buy!

Level Two sports can open doors for you as you market your products to leagues and schools. If you have any questions about Level Two, or if you would like to know more about marketing these products to your customers, or opening a CCS account contact Brian Speers at 1-800-336-4550, ext. 251.

*Candid Color Systems offers great tools for pre-paid and speculation sports programs. We offer online proofing, online ordering, order envelopes, password cards, mailing direct to your end customer, software to print paper proofs, an amazing array of sports products, photographer order entry and over 30 years of photography experience!

For help or questions, please call Brian Speers at 800-336-4550, Ext. 251, or Dan Hays at Ext. 227.

Create a fun experience at your sports shoot!

Whether you shoot an entire league on a picture day or individual teams one-at-a-time, you can add to your value by creating a fun experience! Here is an example of going beyond the order envelope and adding some fun! At Spring basketball shoots, Candid Color Photography of Oklahoma City, brought a sound system and played music from an ESPN CD to get everyone fired up!

To add drama (and make great images) they used two soft box lights. They aimed one soft box light at the player being photographed and one at the backstop and goal behind the player for great illumination.   Using their D70 cameras they shot simulated action shots as well as posed shots of each player.  Each player also had an opportunity for buddy shots in addition to their group pictures. Candid Color Photography says they try to make the shoot entertaining and fast paced! Students, teachers and board members flock to their basketball shoots for the fun and electric atmosphere!



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