Booking Tips for Fall

As the summer season begins, it is never too early to prepare for Fall Sports. As photographers, we will do all we can to produce great photography. It’s what we love to do. However, one area that can often be ignored is the marketing of your photography business. Read more [...]

Shooting for Fall Sports

When preparing for fall sports photo shoots, there are a few things to keep in mind in addition to delivering great photography. Here are a few helpful tips that can make your event as successful as possible. Read more [...]

Book Fall Sports Now!

Have you given any thought to your sports photography for the fall? Even though we haven’t even officially started summer yet, you need to be planning ahead. Now is the time when coaches and athletic directors are wrapping up their school season and preparing for the fall. While the ideal time to book fall sports is early spring and many teams may already be booked, there is still time to catch the attention of coaches who have been unable to find a photographer, or who have not yet committed to one. Read more [...]

Booking Fall Sports in the Spring

Though the calendar on my wall puts me squarely in the month of May, in my head I’m thinking Fall sports. Consumed with Spring sports right now? Who isn’t? But don’t lose sight of the fact that a lot of photography decisions on football, soccer, volleyball, and other fall sports are being made during the next 30 days. Read more [...]

Simulated Action Sports Shoots

Video with tips for simulated action sports shoots. Read more [...]

Booking Fall Sports

March and April is the best time to be looking for Fall Sports business. This is the time of year when athletic directors and coaches start choosing their photographers for the 2009 Fall Season. You should be preparing now for the selling season! Read more [...]