PhotoMatch Success at Proms

In an attempt to maximize candid photo sales during last Spring’s prom and dance season, one Candid Color Systems customer made the most of this opportunity by utilizing our proprietary PhotoMatch system. The PhotoMatch system was created to make it easier for the end customer to find their images online, thereby creating a more timely purchasing opportunity by sending a link, via email, that will take them directly to their photographs.

The PhotoMatch system revolves around a wireless scanner, barcodes, email addresses, and the time clock inside of all digital cameras. By synchronizing the time clocks with the scanners PhotoMatch is able to pinpoint the exact time customers are photographed, and then manually match their email address to the time they were photographed. Once matched, an email can be sent with a link to the customer’s photos. This process eliminates the need for customers to spend endless time and effort looking through several pages of online images just to find their own.

To effect higher sales at dances this past Spring, our customer created wristbands for each attending student that contained the following information: Event name, date, locator number, barcode, and in some cases—where the school cooperated fully—the student’s name. In cases where the school didn’t provide a list of names, the students were required to supply information on cards provided for that purpose at the dance. As the students were photographed the photographer then scanned the wristband which had the matching barcode that corresponded to their email address.

This PhotoMatch process created an average increase in sales of 27% over the previous year at the same schools, when the PhotoMatch system was not in use. In addition, it created excitement among the students who were eager to hold out their wrist for a scan after each candid shot. Finally, in addition to online proofs, paper proofs were mailed to each student with all of the photos they were in during the event.

If you are interested in speaking with someone at Candid Color Systems concerning either the PhotoMatch system or maximizing candids at events call Customer Development at 1-800-336-4550.

Jump Studio™ Results


We previously published an article about Candid Color’s new innovation, the Jump Studio™, in the April 16th Snapshots newsletter. Since that article, we have put the studio in action at several Oklahoma City social events.

The Jump Studio™ is an automated set up which takes a picture every ten seconds without a photographer snapping the shutter. It utilizes a high key background lit with two studio lights with softboxes and a main light with a softbox to illuminate the subject(s). It requires (at the moment) a camera with an interval timer (intervolometer) such as D300, D200 with an external cable, or Nikon camera control software. It also requires a visible timer to indicate to the subjects when the picture will be taken and a monitor to display the pictures. Sales are made by posting the images online using Quicpics.

Candid Color Systems understands that this may sound like a lot of work and equipment but, we have found that most photographers already own almost all the equipment necessary. In addition, if you plan on sending a photographer out to photograph the event, they can set the Jump Studio™ up and then go about their business photographing the party! This way, you will get at least double the images with only one photographer at the event!!!

Recently, our retail division, Candid Color Photography, booked the Jump Studio™ for several proms. They initially booked one High School and within the next couple of weeks, other schools were calling asking about the Jump Studio™ saying they wanted it too! The Jump Studio™ was a big hit with the teens who attended the proms. The Jump Studio™ sparked an interest with the High School students and Candid Color Photography foresees booking more and more Jump Studio™ events in the future!

Below are the current sales from the Prom Party Pics® and Jump Studio™ Shoots of our retail division, Candid Color Photography (CCP.)

We believe the studio has the potential to help book more events at schools and also has the potential to be a stand alone studio at clubs and even malls in the near future. As these new concepts are developed and as we improve the marketing efforts for events utilizing the Jump Studio™, we will inform you of our results. If you have any further questions on the studio, contact Steve Foisy at 800-336-4550, Ext. 166

Level Two™ Products

Candid Color Systems is seeing phenomenal success with a new line of products called Level Two™. Candid Color Systems’ Level Two™ products are custom pieces of artwork created from your posed, action or simulated action sports images. Our artists place your image on one of our Level Two™ background designs which are then matched to the color of the subject’s uniform/ clothing. Many Level Two™ designs can also be customized with the athlete’s name, team, organization logo and year or school letter. The resulting image is always printed on Kodak’s Endura Metallic paper.

Level Two™ designs are typically not sport-specific so they are more flexible. Of course, some designs lend themselves to particular activities better than others, but there are many possibilities with each. Level Two™ designs have been used for sports, groups, dance, portraits and more!

As an example, see our sample images below. This is the same design used with several different sports & activities. Each sample has the background color matched to the clothing or uniform of the subject.

Candid Color Systems’ Level Two™ products are helping photographers in several ways. Level Two™ gives our photographers an edge when booking business. Our product is unique within the industry and for every person photographed. Level Two™ can also create buying excitement. These products are great for any age and are different than the typical photo a parent can take themselves. Level Two™ can also be produced from photos no-matter what kind of background was used. This includes on location, in-studio or green screen photographs.

Consider offering Candid Color Systems’ unique Level Two™ line to transform your images into premium products!

Candid Color Systems offers great tools for pre-paid and speculation sports programs. We offer online proofing, online ordering, order envelopes, password cards, mailing direct to your end customer, software to print paper proofs, an amazing array of sports products, photographer order entry and over 30 years of photography experience!

For help or questions, please call Brian Speers at 800-336-4550, Ext. 251, or Dan Hays at Ext. 227.

The Jump Studio

The Jump Studio- A new concept

What is the “Jump Studio?”

Since Fall, Candid Color Systems has been developing a new photography concept which has met with a lot of customer excitement in early tests. The concept is called a “Jump Studio.”  It consists of a digital camera connected to a computer and a timing device that fires the camera automatically (no operator) every ten seconds. A large clock counts down the seconds so that the subjects know when the picture will be taken and can jump or pose at precisely the right moment.  The setup utilizes a main studio light and two background lights to provide high key illumination of the white background.

Crowd Appeal
At first thought, this might not seem like a big deal, but we have seen the “Jump Studio” draw crowds of enthusiastic participants and spectators at every venue where it has been tried.  The Jump Studio becomes the “life” of the party! The act of jumping with a group is really FUN!!!  But don’t let the name fool you! Many users skip jumping and pose with friends or even props that we have provided. People come back and do it over and over with different sets of friends.  It is a happening that cements the relationship between friends.  The experience begs you to purchase a picture celebrating this moment of togetherness with friends or a significant other.

Booking Value and Differentiation from Competitors
The Jump Studio has been utilized to book Proms for Candid Color Photography, our retail division, by serving as a differentiator from competitors.  It is probably valuable enough as a booking tool that it would be worth doing, but it has also resulted in some pretty significant picture sales.  At a “Get Acquainted with the Jump Studio Shoot” at a local high school last week, two private parties were booked and 1500 pictures were taken.  The purpose of this function was to acquaint students with the “Jump Studio” prior to their prom this Saturday night.

Project your images for more impact!
To add to the excitement we also project images from the Jump Studio onto a big screen or plasma. A large monitor displaying images can allow users to see themselves in action! Projecting images or using a large monitor on the opposite side of an event is a great way to let other attendees become aware of the Jump Studio itself! The Jump Studio and monitor can become the main attraction!

Possible Applications for the Jump Studio

  1. We can see this concept being used as a photo kiosk in a mall to generate ongoing business.
  2. Another possible application is at a permanent venue, such as a large bar or club, where people could amuse themselves!
  3. Special events- so far we have used it at sorority parties, two magazine cover shoots, company parties and have booked the Jump Studio concept at five proms.
  4. A party planner or DJ may want to offer this service! A disc jockey in New York City is planning on using the “Jump Studio” at events which book his event services.

Sales thus Far and Charging for the Jump studio
Sales from our first 3 Jump Studio- sorority party events have averaged over $600 in sales per event.
Sales from 2 other smaller, local events have reached almost $200 each so far. Similar set ups of “un-manned” photo operations are being rented in California at a rate of $1500 for an evening event. This fee includes 300 prints.

Why is the “Jump Studio” an attractive concept?
What is attractive about this concept is the absence of or limited amount of labor required.  The absence of a photographer seems to enhance its appeal.  Customers seem less inhibited about having their picture taken when no photographer is present.  This also lowers the cost dramatically.  If this proves successful in a fixed venue, then the cost of transporting and setting up the Jump Studio would be extremely low.   It would not take very many sales to make the concept lucrative because of the low overhead and relatively low capital investment.

What is the Cost of Doing This?
Currently, for a transportable “Jump Studio” the cost can be $5,000, but many photographers already own several of the pieces of equipment required. So, an initial Jump Studio test could be done with very little new expense. The cost mentioned above includes the camera, three studio lights, the white background/floor, light stands & umbrellas, a low cost computer, a timer, a projector and screen (or monitor).

What is the next step?
We will keep you posted on the sales it produces and the comments we get from the event directors! We will let you know how we market our images from the Jump Studio so we can provide the best way for users to find and buy their images!

If you are interested in pursuing this concept, contact Steve Foisy at 800-336-4550, Ext. 166 or a Candid Color Systems Customer Development Representative.

Candid Color Systems offers great tools for pre-paid and speculation sports programs. We offer online proofing, online ordering, order envelopes, password cards, mailing direct to your end customer, software to print paper proofs, an amazing array of sports products, photographer order entry and over 30 years of photography experience!

For help or questions, please call Brian Speers at 800-336-4550, Ext. 251, or Dan Hays at Ext. 227.


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