Quick ideas to improve email collection

Don’t let interested buyers and website traffic go to waste! If you shoot special events such as parties, races, proms, graduations and even sports pictures where you are selling online (instead of doing prepay) you need buyers to be able to get to their images! It is also highly possible that you have interested buyers hitting your website before you have the chance to post your images online. To improve your sales you can do 2 things: 1. Get contact information for every attendee or potential Read more [...]

What Do I Do Now? Remarketing After Grads

Remarketing after the first thirty days of a graduation is an integral part of creating additional sales. Remember that the only costs associated with remarketing are prints, hosting fees, credit cards fees and mailing costs. Your other costs are already covered. Hence, you have a very high profit margin on the sales resulting from remarketing. Read more [...]

Holiday Email Marketing

Looking for extra income during the holiday season? Try sending an email special to your previous customers. Simply adding a few holiday specials to your current email campaign can significantly increase revenue on your events. Read more [...]

Work Your Bounce Back Emails for Additional Revenue

Are you collecting email addresses at your events for email marketing? If so, do you monitor email activity from the email campaigns you send? Does the system you use for email marketing allow you to monitor your email campaigns? If not, you may be overlooking one aspect of email marketing that can cost you sales. Read more [...]

Post-Marketing for Winter Grads

Graduation season is quickly approaching and it is important to follow some of the best practices of post marketing. The following tips have proven to increase sales. Follow these simple tips to make sure your business isn’t leaving any money on the table. Read more [...]

Three Steps to a Successful Email Campaign

Whether marketing your events using PayFirst or ViewFirst an email campaign is a powerful tool in your arsenal of marketing tools provided by CCS. We have created a 3 step process to a successful campaign! Read more [...]

Let CCS Help Build Your Graduation Business

Candid Color systems offers graduation software, products and marketing tools that will help you maximize your sales and cut down on office labor. Read more [...]