Booking Dance Schools: Now’s the Time to Generate Bookings!

If you are seriously considering venturing into the Dance school market, or, are already reaping the rewards in this very lucrative market, there is no better time than right now to force a sales effort, and here’s why... Read more [...]

Dance Schools: A Great Time to Market Your Services is NOW!

Right about this time of year, most dance schools/studios are planning their summer hiatus trying to recover from the chaos and long hours that occur annually with Spring recitals. If you are seriously considering getting into the Dance school market, or are already reaping the rewards in this very lucrative market, there is no better time to make a sales effort and market your services than right now. Read more [...]

Dance School Products, Pricing and Cost Structure

We recently encouraged photographers to take a close look at dance schools as a great source of revenue. Our sales average coupled with a good buy rate make our dance school sales a great example of a successful shoot. Our product mix, pricing and cost structure were also key to the success of this example. Our product mix was comprised of designer prints, 3 packages, a la carte specialty items, a la carte standard prints and some “upsells.” The “upsell” is only available after another purchase is made. To see a sample of the dance event offer online go to and enter the following information on the left side: PIN- 5731 Last name- Sample The products and prices were developed after intensely studying successful sports photography programs. We feel that offering 3 packages is key to success. In the future we would consider raising the price of 2-5x7s to $14. We do recognize that pricing is somewhat dependent on the photographer’s location. Below is a breakdown of the products sold in our dance studio shoot example. Read more [...]

Pre-Marketing for Fall and Winter Dances

With high school Homecoming and Holiday dances on the horizon over the next several months, this is the perfect time to plan your marketing strategies. Your goals should be to raise the participation rate, increase sales, and also try to raise your average ticket price. Read more [...]

3 ways to boost sales and offer better services!

Candid Color Systems has 3 unique services your customers will love and that can give you the incremental increase in sales you are looking for! Read more [...]