Booking Dance Schools: Now’s the Time to Generate Bookings!

If you are seriously considering venturing into the Dance school market, or, are already reaping the rewards in this very lucrative market, there is no better time than right now to force a sales effort, and here’s why... Read more [...]

Dance Schools: A Great Time to Market Your Services is NOW!

Right about this time of year, most dance schools/studios are planning their summer hiatus trying to recover from the chaos and long hours that occur annually with Spring recitals. If you are seriously considering getting into the Dance school market, or are already reaping the rewards in this very lucrative market, there is no better time to make a sales effort and market your services than right now. Read more [...]

Marketing Dance Schools – Prepay vs. Speculation

Dance schools are a lucrative market to photograph. Tackling your first dance school can be challenging, so it’s important to think through every step of the process, checking every detail. First, you must determine how you are going to market your dance school. The challenging aspect of dance is that the students are often in multiple classes, which means you will be photographing them multiple times and in different costumes. Each costume is an opportunity to make a sale so it is important that you market your images to the best of your ability. Read more [...]

Dance schools are a great revenue opportunity!

Photographers do not often discuss Dance Schools with the same excitement as the highly coveted sports or activities such as football. Many photographers stick to the basic, and familiar, sports such as soccer, football and basketball. I would like to suggest that all sports photographers take a very close look at dance schools as a potential source of great revenue. Here is why… I base my suggestion on recent dance shoot experience. These results (if not better) were also confirmed by other photographers who offer similar products, pricing and the same marketing method. To hop right to the numbers, we achieved a $45.39 sales average (subtotal without tax & shipping). The sales average with shipping included was $49.59. This is an important number because in our scenario, shipping is a profit center for the photographer. In addition to a healthy sales average we experienced a 74% buy rate. Learn more….. Read more [...]