The impact of our distinguished seminar guest speaker, Steve Mulvany and his topic: Service Quality-An Edge or a Liability

CCS has had many speakers, several nationally known, at our annual seminars over the last 40+ years. One of those speakers who is nationally known has spoken to us on at least five occasions. He stands out as possibly the very best speaker who has ever spoken to us and one of the very best whom I have ever heard. His name is Steve Mulvany. His topic is: Service Quality-An Edge or a Liability. This topic may seem mundane, but it is essential, especially today where reputations are built or destroyed rapidly via the Internet. Read more [...]

How to Connect with CCS

At CCS, we’re always looking to hear from our customers and friends and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get in touch with us. Read more [...]

Become your own customer to improve your business

Every business likes to think they do a good job. Most businesses believe they are the “best” or excel at something. Even for those businesses who truly are at the top of their field, it takes work to stay there. Being “your own customer” occasionally is a great way to uncover potential problems and to discover areas for improvement. I cannot begin to express how important this concept has been to our business. Making sure that your customer’s experience matches what you believe it to be is paramount. I hope the example below from Jeffrey Gitomer will serve as inspiration for you to become your own customer and make improvements where necessary. Read more [...]

CCS Annual Winter Seminar in Puerto Rico!

Here at Candid we pride ourselves on being involved with our customer base, by watching for changes in the market place and finding solutions to assist our customers in growing their business. Candid’s Seminars are just one way we reach out to teach our customers about best practices, innovative ideas, and new trends. This is also a chance for us to hear from you! This year, CCS’ annual winter seminar is in Puerto Rico. Our staff will be covering a wealth of information on a variety of markets including; Schools, Sports, Proms and Events. Topics include Software Training, Sales Calls, Green Screen Photography, Digital Photography, Marketing Your Images – Your Best Options, and what’s New at CCS. Read more [...]

Candid’s Reports Help You Provide Customer Service

Candid Color Systems offers reporting which assists you in providing excellent customer service. Both the Order Activity Report and the Customer Report help you track orders and drill down to view what each of your customers ordered. The following is a breakdown of each report and how it can help you organize your business and provide your customers with accurate information about their order. Read more [...]