The impact of our distinguished seminar guest speaker, Steve Mulvany and his topic: Service Quality-An Edge or a Liability

CCS has had many speakers, several nationally known, at our annual seminars over the last 40+ years. One of those speakers who is nationally known has spoken to us on at least five occasions. He stands out as possibly the very best speaker who has ever spoken to us and one of the very best whom I have ever heard.

His name is Steve Mulvany. His topic is: Service Quality-An Edge or a Liability. This topic may seem mundane, but it is essential, especially today where reputations are built or destroyed rapidly via the Internet.

Developing a Customer Service culture is difficult in small and large organizations. It can be the difference maker between the success and failure of a business. Good customer service is not an accident, as Steve will tell you. It is also not something where you learn it, reach a goal, and relax. It requires constant effort to maintain it.

Mulvany’s message will detail his broad experience with many top companies in how to formulate, educate, and maintain excellent customer service over a long period of time. His humor and manner will make this seemingly dry topic entertaining and engaging.

His past messages to CCS customers and employees have changed the way we think about Customer Service. Some of our most successful customers say that Steve Mulvany has been instrumental in guiding their customer service philosophy.

As you know, our Summer Seminar is coming up in a little over three weeks. This year it is being held in San Francisco July 22nd-24th. We have been conducting these seminars, usually two a year, almost since the inception of Candid Color 40+ years ago.

We realize that it is a significant time commitment and expense to attend a meeting of any kind away from your place of business. But we strive to make the seminar motivating, educational, and practical. Most of all we strive to make it several times more profitable than its time commitment and expense.

I strongly encourage you to attend this seminar, no matter the size of your business or your experience level. You will benefit beyond measure from listening and incorporating
Steve’s message in your daily business practices.

We are lucky to have Steve speak to us and we all need to take advantage of it.


Dan Hays

COO, Candid Color Systems


How to Connect with CCS

At CCS, we’re always looking to hear from our customers and friends and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get in touch with us. There are several ways to get in contact with us at CCS as well as several reasons why you would want to.

First, if you’re ever in need of immediate assistance please pick up the phone and give us a call at 1-800-750-0494. You can also email us at We have customer and tech support representatives available from 8am – 6pm Monday- Saturday to help you if there is ever a problem.

You can also reach our tech and customer support representatives directly! Whether you’re a new customer or someone who is familiar with our support staff, here are a few names that you should be familiar with and how to get in touch with them.


  • Monica Darley, Customer Support Manager – 1-800-336-4550 ext. 482
  • Suzan Perkins, Customer Support Representative – 1-800-336-4550 ext. 468
  • Allison Harwell, Customer Support Representative – 1-800-336-4550 ext. 467
  • John Sims, Tech Support Representative – 1-800-336-4550 ext. 417
  • Darren Hanson, Tech Support Representative – 1-800-336-4550 ext. 427
  • Christina Richardson, Tech Support Representative – 1-800-336-4550 ext. 473


We also have a very knowledgeable customer development staff with over 60+ years in the photographic industry. They’re goal is to help your business succeed as well as to guide you through the use of our software. They can also help answer questions regarding marketing your events, sales and booking, photography advice, and training on how to execute all kinds of events. Our customer development team is listed below along with their relevant contact information.



If you ever have any questions about billing or how the payment process works for Candid customers, feel free to contact Kassandra Coldiron in our accounting department. She can be reached at or by calling 1-800-336-4550 ext. 248.

Finally, besides giving us a call or sending us an email you can also connect with us via our social media channels. Here we post links to our newest blog posts, customer success stories, announcements regarding workshops and software updates and many other pieces of news and information from CCS. You can connect with us via our Facebook page at or follow us on Twitter at

Regardless of how you do it, we want to hear from you! So don’t be shy, connect with CCS today!


Become your own customer to improve your business


by: Jeffrey Gitomer

Your best, and most costly lessons are right in front of you.

How good are you, really

Be your own customer, and find out, really.

Yesterday I got the shock of my life: I tried to buy something on my own website and couldn’t.
Funny, I buy all kinds of things on other people’s websites. I’m a one-click buyer on Amazon. I’m a Paypal customer. And I have my credit card registered and saved on every site that will allow it. In short, I trust the Internet.

In short, short – if I decide that I want to buy something online, I want to buy it fast. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not crazy about filling out an online order form (where all the boxes say it’s “mandatory” to enter my information.)

Many of you subscribe to my weekly email magazine and have taken advantage of the “deal of the week,” a special offer on a bundle of my books and CDs. Last week we decided to present something for the first time – a $20.00 discount off any of my upcoming public seminar tickets. Fair enough…

So I went to my own site to test the offer. I put in a request to buy five tickets. The website (my website) promised fast and easy purchase. And that promise was ANYTHING BUT the truth. It was a pain in the butt. I clicked off of my own site in frustration and disgust.

I immediately pulled the offer and we went through an e-commerce exercise that brought me back to reality. We revamped the purchasing process to where it IS fast and easy. And easy to understand. It’s now fixed for the short term, and we have a long-term plan in place (actually in motion) to make it even faster and easier.

MAJOR CLUE: Had I not tried to buy something from my own website, I would have never known. I would have danced along actually believing my own words, never realizing that customers were frustrated – and worse – not purchasing. Clicking off – abandoning the next step in the buying process because it was slow, cumbersome, and uninformative.

How’s yours? Think your e-commerce is great? Ever try to buy something from yourself, or are you just taking “IT’s” word for it. Or worse, believing your own instructions?

CHALLENGE: Be your own customer at least once a month.

In these “trying” times, many customers (yours and mine) are struggling to maintain volume, profit, and productivity. Somehow the stimulus package and bailout have not yet reached them – me either. You?

REALITY: Each of us is responsible to stimulate and bail out ourselves, in spite of what you may be hearing.

If and when your customer calls or goes online, they expect instant answers, instant service, and instant delivery of whatever they need – or they will seek a competitor.

And they expect multiple options to connect with you, any time of the day or night, to get the help they need, or purchase the product they need.

REALITY: Their need is your opportunity. Your challenge is to turn them into a happy, LOYAL customer who is willing to repeat purchase, tell others, and refer others to you.

Not “satisfy” them.

Here’s what to do to self-insure your own success:

1. Call your business five minutes before you open, and try to place an order, or get service.

2. Call your business five minutes after you close, and try to place an order, or get service.

(That should be enough to make you angry – but wait there’s more!)

3. Go online and try to buy something. How long does it take (how many clicks?) compared to Amazon’s one?

4. Call your business during the day and complain to someone. Then ask for the person’s boss – or even your CEO. Make certain you have plenty of Pepto-Bismol on hand – because I promise your stomach will be turning upside-down.

4.5 Now call yourself and listen to your pathetic voicemail that tells me everything I DO NOT want to hear, and DOES NOT tell me the one thing I want to hear – where the heck are you?

REALITY: Whatever your experience is when you call yourself or buy from yourself online, that’s the same thing your customers, your life-blood, and your money-line is experiencing. OUCH!

Fix it fast. Your customers need you.

If you want an idea to eliminate the silly computer that answers your phone before and after hours telling me “how important my call is,” go to <a href=””></a> and enter the words ANSWER LIVE in the GitBit box.


Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of The New York Times best sellers <em>The Sales Bible and The Little Red Book of Selling</em>. Chief Executive Salesman and President of Charlotte-based Buy Gitomer, he gives corporate and public seminars, runs annual sales meetings, and conducts Internet training programs on selling and customer loyalty at <a href=””></a>. He can be reached at 704/333-1112 or <a href=””></a>

<a href=””></a>

© 2010 All Rights Reserved – Don’t even think about reproducing this document without written

permission from Jeffrey H. Gitomer and Buy Gitomer • 704/333-1112

CCS Annual Winter Seminar in Puerto Rico!

Here at Candid we pride ourselves on being involved with our customer base, by watching for changes in the market place and finding solutions to assist our customers in growing their business.  Candid’s Seminars are just one way we reach out to teach our customers about best practices, innovative ideas, and new trends.  This is also a chance for us to hear from you!  This year, CCS’ annual winter seminar is in Puerto Rico.  Our staff will be covering a wealth of information on a variety of markets including; Schools, Sports, Proms and Events.  Topics include Software Training, Sales Calls, Green Screen Photography, Digital Photography, Marketing Your Images – Your Best Options, and what’s New at CCS.

Candid has also added a guest speaker to the agenda, Frank Harrison.  Frank has 21 years of experience in the photography industry, and has had great success shooting youth sports.  He has been featured on the SEPCOM tour and spoke at Imaging USA in Phoenix, AZ.  Frank will share his innovative ideas, and conduct an actual outdoor sports shoot. Discover how to shoot fewer action photos with less staff, while doubling your weekend’s income! Frank will explain what equipment is needed to do “posed action photography,” how to set up a posed action shoot area and how to create a smooth workflow.

We feel it is more important than ever before for our customers to attend the seminar, so we are offering an extended payment plan on hotel rooms to make it easier for everyone to attend!  When you book your room through Candid you will be able to pay for your room over a 3 month period beginning March 1st.  A third of the room will be charged to your lab bill on March 1st, April 1st, and May 1st.  Too make it even easier we will also find a roommate for you to cut the cost in half.  If we are unable to find a roommate for you we will pay for half of the room!  Attending our Winter Seminar will pay for itself with the knowledge that you bring back with you.  All of the information gained will be something you can incorporate into your business tomorrow!

To learn more about The CCS Winter Seminar you can contact Evie at ext. 377.  Become a customer

Candid’s Reports Help You Provide Customer Service

Candid Color Systems offers reporting which assists you in providing excellent customer service. Both the Order Activity Report and the Customer Report help you track orders and drill down to view what each of your customers ordered. The following is a breakdown of each report and how it can help you organize your business and provide your customers with accurate information about their order.

Order Activity Report

  • Run reports between specific times to view all the orders placed within that time frame.
  • Report shows when the lab received the order, when it was shipped, subtotal, lab costs, customer’s name, event name, and market.
  • Ability to drill down into order to view specifics of the order.
  • Details show all the packages and products that were offered for that specific event and the retail price that was set.
  • Breaks down the products in that specific order, as well as, the shipping costs.
  • Use this report to track the progress of orders, find details of orders, and determine the success of specific packages.




Customer Report

  • Look up orders placed during a specific time frame.
  • Report shows the order id, date the lab received the order, customer name, email, and address.
  • Use this report to locate the order id for a customer’s order and verify mailing address.


Each of these reports are designed to assist you in delivering customer service to your customers.  With these reports you can easily locate the order, see what products included, and when the order was received by the lab.  If there any discrepancies about the order you can easily locate all the information for customer support to correct the order.  These reports can allow you to access information without having to contact the lab, enabling you to be able to provide information to your customers immediately.


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