Customer Development – We’re Here for YOU!

The Customer Development department is a unique team of experienced consultants, who are well versed in photography techniques, booking and executing events, marketing strategies and much more. With a combination of over 70 years of experience in the photography and photofinishing industry, this department is an incredible asset for your growing photography business. Read more [...]

Why is CCS More Than a Sports Lab?

Candid Color Systems’ focus is different than most Pro Photo Labs. CCS has always been about marketing. We are one of the few professional labs that have a marketing department in house. We are also one of the few labs that operate a full blown retail operation which is also a marketing laboratory in which to test and refine our products and processes. Read more [...]

The Importance of Presentation for Youth Sports Photography Businesses

Regardless of what business you’re in, first impressions are everything. A great first impression and a professional look can help a youth sports photography business book more business, and increase its sales on every job. Read more [...]

Tips for a Successful 2012

As the New Year begins, now is the time to create new resolutions to improve your business. Here are a couple of ideas that will help you achieve this goal. Read more [...]

New Year, New Pro Photo Lab

As you wrap up 2011, you may find yourself searching for a new professional photo lab. While you evaluate the qualities you desire from a lab, consider these qualities that set Candid Color Systems apart from other labs. Read more [...]

Reports That Can Help You Run Your Business: Event Sales Aging Report

Candid Color Systems has developed a new online report called the Event Sales Aging Repor. This new, beneficial business tool displays a sales cycle for specific events or market type over a defined period of time. This data can be compiled from any online event orders placed across multiple CCS software platforms and can be filtered in a variety of ways. Read more [...]

Spring Sports: It’s Never Too Late to Begin Booking New Business!

The calendar puts us squarely on the cusp of a new year with initial spring sport shoots scheduled to begin in as few as eight weeks from now in some regions of the country; and as many as twelve weeks for the rest of the country. Read more [...]

Search Engine Basics for Your Photo Business

Can your business be found at the top of the page in search engines? If not, there are a few things you can do to increase the visibility of your business name in the 3 major search engines: Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing. There are 3 ways your business can be found in search engines. Local Map Listings - this service is free in all 3 search engines. Organic Search - this service is free in all 3 search engines but requires changes to your website. If you've had someone else design your website you may incur costs to change your site. Paid Search (PPC) - this is not a free service and there are a number of factors that determine the price of the ad. Let's start with Local Map Listings. It is vital that you claim your business information in each search engine so you can control what is listed about your business. Read more [...]

Facebook Basics for Photographers

Over the last 7 to 8 years the nation has been gripped by the ever growing phenomenon that is social networking. With over 300 million users worldwide, Facebook is by far and away the largest of all social sites. Never before has it been so easy for people to connect with one another. Likewise, it has never been so easy for businesses to connect with current and potential consumers. Every business, whether it’s a major brand name like Coke or your photography studio, should have a Facebook Fan Page. The chance you get to interact directly with your customers, to get feedback and let them know what your business is doing is a can’t miss opportunity that many businesses aren’t taking advantage of. First, you need to know a few Facebook basics. There are two types of Facebook profiles. You have your personal profile page where all of your personal friends and information are located. There is also your business or “fan” page, where people go to find information and learn more about your business. You can have both a fan page and personal profile if you want, but Facebook no longer requires you to have both. Read more [...]