5×15 – Small print, huge success!

You asked for it, we delivered! In the last few years our Attitude Panos and Pano Collages have become wildly popular in their original 10×30 format, but we’ve had so many requests for a smaller size, we knew we had to do something. Earlier this year, we introduced the 5×15 print size, and boy, did our customers respond!  Since its inception, the new print size has sold nearly 2,000 prints, and the numbers are growing!

We have seen creative uses for the new Pano size.  Many customers have found the smaller size more convenient when showing potential customers the Pano prints. Others appreciate the ability to offer their Attitude Pano designs in a lower price bracket to diversify their product offerings.  A few customers have carved a niche by selling them as “locker-sized” team images, or mini-posters.


In addition to the new size, customers can now mount their 5x15s on box mounting or gator foam, making the product even more versatile.  Box mounted 5x15s stand easily on desks and table tops for display.

Looking for another way to use the 5×15 print? Our new Freestyle Collage Builder is an interactive product your end-customers can build themselves using the images from your event. Customers can build their own Panos by choosing from a variety of backgrounds, adding titles and text, dragging and dropping images and more! This fun new product is now available in QuicPost and CORE, and instructions are available on CandidNET under “Product Information.”

Need more information about the 5×15? Give Customer Development a call at 800-336-4550 today, or visit

PPA Members Receive One Free Attitude Pano Design

Did you know that if you are a member of the Professional Photographers of America and Candid Color Systems, that you are entitled to one FREE Attitude Pano design? This coupon, found in the PPA Coupon Book at www.ppa.com, or in Professional Photographer Magazine, allows for you to create one complimentary Pano design using Candid Color Systems’ software.

Our Attitude Pano is a 10×30 metallic print that features a series of individual images digitally fused together to create a dynamic group photo. Customers have the option of choosing from 27 artwork styles and 17 flooring styles.

The coupon is redeemable until March 12, 2012 and has a value of $35. The bearer is entitled to the creation of one Pano design of up to 15 subjects. Each additional subject is $2.00 per person and will be charged to the customer’s account. The coupon does not cover the print cost of the Pano, which is $7.31 per 10”x30” print.

This offer is only available for customers of Candid Color Systems who are also PPA members. If you are not a current CCS customer, you can complete a free account form at candid.com, and select PPACOUPON as your referral method. Once your account is created, please contact Customer Development at 800-336-4550 and give them the coupon code from PPA.

For more information, visit www.candid.com/coupon/ or call Customer Development at 800-336-4550.

Summer Photography Guide

The summer months can provide several photography opportunities. Here are a few things to consider this summer while booking and shooting outdoor events.

DO: Book a youth tournament

Whether you are shooting softball, baseball or soccer leagues, summer tournaments can provide a great source of additional summer income. A unique way to beat your competition is by offering cool products, such as Attitude Panos. Players and parents love the cool designs and it is a completely custom product that your competitors won’t have!

DON’T: Wait too long to book your tournaments

Competition is fierce. Some tournaments allow anyone to photograph as long as they pay a vendor fee.  In this case, make sure you set up a tent and show samples to attract parents and coaches. In this situation you must also have a strong sales effort in order to spark interest!  Taking an Attitude Pano up in the stands can help parents understand the products you offer. If possible, have the sample branded with the tournament name and logo for added impact.

DO: Update your sales matrix

Keeping a good sales matrix up to date can quickly provide you with information on sales by sport or school.  You will easily see what schools and sports did well and which ones need more attention.

DON’T: Play the guessing game

Guessing your numbers will not get you anywhere. It’s important to know your sales numbers and stay on top of them for ultimate performance.

DO: Take time to clean all your gear and equipment

It’s especially important to remove dust from your camera sensors and lenses, as well as from inside your camera cases. Thoroughly cleaning your equipment can also give you the opportunity to check each piece for wear and tear, which can help you avoid potential equipment failure. If you have periods of slower work, catch up on this sometimes forgotten task!

DON’T: Expect someone else to do it

Even if you have a reliable staff, making sure your equipment is clean is an essential task.

DO: Keep in contact with High School and Middle School coaches

It’s never too early to book or rebook fall sporting events.  Don’t be afraid to call coaches directly or give them your cell phone number. Make it as easy as possible for them to contact you!

DON’T: Think schools will call you

Some schools might call you, but it’s never a safe practice to rely on. It’s always a good idea to stay in touch with coaches over the summer just in case they change schools or sports. New coach’s directories come out in late July to early August, but check with your state’s coaches association for further details.

DO: Practice safe sun

There is nothing worse than getting a sun burn on the first day of a three day long tournament or event.  The following days will be miserable! Practicing safe sun will not only protect you physically, but it will also ensure that your performance won’t be hampered.

DON’T: Think you will just tan

Take the time to apply sunscreen, wear protective clothing and eyewear to protect yourself from the sun. Although it may seem like a small task, it should NOT be overlooked!

DO: Stay hydrated 

When you’re out in the summer sun, your body needs more water than normal, so staying hydrated is essential.  Drink lots of water and have plenty to go around!

DON’T: Rely on your photographers to bring their own water

Keeping a hydrated staff is as important as staying hydrated yourself. Provide plenty of water or other cold drinks to keep everyone in tip top shape.

DO: Attend the Summer Workshops

There will be success stories shared and several new products introduced during the Summer Workshops that you won’t want to miss! We hope to see you there.

DON’T: Miss it!

            The Sumer Workshops will be held in Oklahoma City on Sunday, Monday and

Tuesday: July 24th, 25th, and 26th.

Offering Faux Groups for Sports

Faux Groups are Candid Color’s newest approach to group photos.  Images used for the Faux Groups are easily shot on a green screen background which can be set up inside or out and does not require a full length shot. (If you do shoot outside be sure to prepare for weather conditions.)

Faux Groups offer you a distinct advantage over your competition.  It has been my experience, that when I show a Faux Group to a coach or parent, they are immediately impressed with the overall look and how the colors “pop” off the metallic paper. They are also thrilled to learn that all individuals are in sharp focus, everyone has the same head size and there is consistent lighting throughout the group, making everyone equally visible in the shot. And as you know, when someone is impressed, it makes the sell a lot easier!

Every sports photographer knows that coaches are pressed for time.  They want to use every minute they have with their athletes to better prepare them for the upcoming season or game.  One of my strategies in selling the concept of a Faux Group is to explain how I can cut the amount of time it takes to photograph a team. By setting up one or two green screens and taking the individual photos separately, I save time that would have been used for the group shot. I explain how we will not need to organize a group shot by erecting bleachers, or getting the kids in their bleachers or arranging kids by height, etc.  Coaches understand the chaos of photographing these groups. They perk up when I explain how we can organize the flow on photo day to keep things moving at a brisk pace without much or anytime downtime.

I offer coaches a few different approaches. One method is to photograph the green screen shot in May before the end of school. I can get 90-95% of the individual green screen images completed ahead of the group photo that will be shot in August. This allows me to photograph the athletes and coaches when everyone is more relaxed and not in such a hurry. It also gives me another remarketing tool, because I can take multiple poses and offer them as portraits for purchase immediately.  In the fall at the regular photo shoot, I setup one green screen background and photograph any new team members.  Any kids that were dropped from the team are simply not included in the Faux Group photo. It’s that simple!

The other approach of course is to photograph the individuals in front of the green screen on the regular photo day in August.  To assist football teams and maximize time, I like to setup the green screens in the locker room or training facility on photo day.  As players get dressed and come out of the locker room they immediately walk to the green screen, get photographed and then head out to the field for their regular posed individual and special group photos.

Below is a diagram of this particular scenario:

For both approaches it is imperative you get the player and parent contact information before the photo shoot. This can be given to you by the coach or the booster club. Take this information and make your photo day sequence cards with the information already printed on them.  This will save a lot of time; plus, you won’t have to try and read a high school kid’s hand writing! You can verify the information quickly with the athlete then simply sequence and shoot.

While I have referenced football, this can be utilized in any sport. Faux Groups work well with basketball and soccer as well.  Even though the groups are not as large, it still makes for a great looking group shot.

Candid Color Systems Presents our first webinar streamed LIVE via Facebook!

January 21st at 1 P.M. CST will mark the first ever Candid Color Systems Webinar streamed live via the Candid Color Systems Facebook page! This webinar covering “The Best Way to Shoot Attitude Panos” will include a live video demonstration by CCS Customer Development Specialist Brian Speers. Customers will see first-hand exactly how to shoot subjects for Attitude Panos. Attendees will also be able to ask Brian questions in real time using their Facebook profiles! We ask that attendees please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to ensure that their connection and program is working properly. To join our live streaming webinar:

1. You will need to log into your Facebook account and go to http://facebook.com/candidcolor.

2. Once on candid’s facebook page, click on the tab labeled “Livestream.”

3. Once you have selected the “Livestream” tab, allow the program to load then select the button on the screen that says “click to watch.”

4. After this you’ll be viewing our live webinar! One or two ads may pop up in the beginning of the presentation, but you should be able to ski these and will see no more ads unless you exit out and come back to the webinar. We look forward to everyone attending and hope you will find this fun and informational!!

Marketing Attitude Panos

For the last six months the sports Attitude Pano has been the best selling sports product in the CCS product mix, even outselling the venerable Memory Mate.  CCS customers have taken the reins on this product and generated valuable income for their business.  But—and just as important—the Attitude Pano has opened doors for many customers that were previously closed. 

                                                                                                                                                      Not a day passes by that I don’t receive at least one phone call from a customer telling me about a new league, school, or organization that “went nuts” over the product and allowed a CCS customer to market and sell that product to their league or school.  The uniqueness of the product has even allowed some CCS customers to shoot an Attitude pano of a team even after they’ve had their team and individuals photographed by another photographer.

National Sports Photos in MN, who nurtured and cultivated Attitude Panos before any other CCS customer, has related numerous anecdotes where a team that had already been shot by another photographer allowed them to re-shoot and market the panos.  They’ve reported sales of $1,000 collected on a pre-pay basis for one team that took all of 45 minutes to shoot.  THAT is a good use of your time!

From our experience, and from speaking with many CCS customers that are marketing panos, the pre-pay method seems to be the most proven marketing method in producing impressive sales numbers.  That isn’t to say that there aren’t alternative ways to offer this product.  One CCS customer has one pano printed, gives it to the coach for the parents to preview, and then collects orders a week later.  Others wait until the product is constructed by our art department and then email a link to their customers letting them know it’s online to be viewed.

Whichever marketing method you use keep in mind that anything you can do to pre-market information about this product to the parents will more than pay for itself.  Here is a pre-marketing flyer that Candid Color Photography used to pre-market panos for a softball tournament. 

                                                                                                                                                 Remember that an “educated consumer is your best customer”.

Additionally, the tiered pricing method which was introduced nearly two years ago by Bud Stagg in Lawrence, KS still seems to work the best for generating sales volume. Working at a baseball tournament Bud priced his panos this way:
• 1 to 4 purchased   $45
• 5 to 8 purchased   $40
• More than 8 purchased  $35

Pricing it this way created something that Bud hadn’t counted on but it works: peer pressure.  When parents of ballplayers realize that they can save up to $10 just by enlisting more parents to buy it generates excitement; it produces peer pressure for other parents to buy; and it puts more money in the bank for you.  Try it and you’ll be surprised at the results.

Although the Attitude Pano was initially created for the sports market it has been used for a variety of groups, organizations, and even wedding parties for a different take on a traditional photograph. 

                                                                                                                                                    Keep your mind open for opportunities.  I guarantee that when you think of all the applications of this product you’ll be amazed at the prospects this one product has for your business. For additional assistance call Brian at ext. 251 or email him at brians@candid.com.

A New Way To Market Attitude Panos

Brad Medley, a CCS sports photography customer, has a unique method of promoting and selling the “…nearly 60” Attitude Panos that he has photographed since the end of August.New to CCS as a customer in 2007, Brad enjoys a special relationship with his leagues because of his two-pronged approach to sports photography: shooting traditional “T&I” images like most sports customers; and also offering on-site printing for his action shots from a trailer that he brings to events to promote his action shots.

But, there is no doubt that the MVP of this football season has been the Attitude Panos that he is marketing for cheer and football teams; and his sales method is definitely atypical.Here is what he does to maximize his pano sales for each team.

After shooting team and individual shots for the conventional print offerings and sports products, Brad then cycles each athlete through for a special “attitude” full-length shot.One week later he returns with his trailer to do action shots of the same team, and begins to sell his attitude panos from the trailer that were pre-printed to sell to the anxiously awaiting parents.He pre-prints a number of panos equal to about 75% of the number of kids on each team.At that point the feeding frenzy begins and he sells the prints for $35, until he sells out.

Following that, if there are still some parents that didn’t get a chance to buy he takes orders on the spot.If they miss the first two buying opportunities then he places the image online and the price rises to $45!The reaction of the parents, in Brad’s words, is “ear-to-ear smiles”, “some tears” and “general excitement”. In an alternate marketing method that Brad offers you can purchase any of his top three packages and add a pano for $25. He also includes a pano in his top sports package which costs $95.

If you are looking for an alternate way to sell Attitude panos you may want to try pre-printing to take advantage of the excitement and create sales through impulse buying.It seems to work great for Brad!

“Attitude” Takes Team Images to the Next Level

Tired of the same traditional team picture that you offer year after year? Candid Color Systems can help you deliver a new team image that will impress your customers and give you an edge over your competition. “Attitude” is just one of the latest Level Two styles CCS has to offer. Similar to Candid’s other Level Two styles, “Attitude” is not sport specific and is great for any age group. All Level Two prints are printed on Kodak’s Premium Endura Metallic Paper.

Take your team image to the next level by shooting an edgy and contemporary image that players and coaches get excited about! This panoramic print is shot in one frame. Pose players in a variety of different poses (kneeling, arms crossed, hands on hip, etc.) and with different pieces of equipment. Each print allows you to insert either the team name or slogan to personalize the image. “Attitude” helps you capture the personality of the team and allows you to be creative.

If the traditional team poses are what you are after CCS can also help you take those to the next level as well. “No I” is another Level Two team print. The background is removed and replaced with the team name. By adding the team logo to your account our graphic artists are able to insert the image and make it appear to be printed across the gymnasium floor or grass.

Look beyond an ordinary team picture and consider what else “Attitude” or “No I” can be used for. These unique prints make a great gift to the school, coaches, or sponsors. It is also a great way to highlight the graduating seniors on a team.

Order your samples today for the Fall Sports Season. Contact your Customer Development Representative with any questions (800) 336-4550.


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