Announcing a guest, portrait photographer for the CCS summer seminar

Announcing a guest, portrait photographer for the CCS summer seminar

I would like to announce our guest photographer, Meo Baaklini. Meo is (in her own words) an Intimate Wedding and Portrait photographer based in the San Francisco Bay area. She formally trained at the Academy of Art San Francisco and runs her own studio in Benicia, CA. Read more [...]

The impact of our distinguished seminar guest speaker, Steve Mulvany and his topic: Service Quality-An Edge or a Liability

CCS has had many speakers, several nationally known, at our annual seminars over the last 40+ years. One of those speakers who is nationally known has spoken to us on at least five occasions. He stands out as possibly the very best speaker who has ever spoken to us and one of the very best whom I have ever heard. His name is Steve Mulvany. His topic is: Service Quality-An Edge or a Liability. This topic may seem mundane, but it is essential, especially today where reputations are built or destroyed rapidly via the Internet. Read more [...]
Your sales funnel- small changes having a HUGE impact on your bottom line.

Your sales funnel- small changes having a HUGE impact on your bottom line.

It is not uncommon that photographers focus intensely on the best ways to book business. We see courses on it, make materials to aide in booking and even go on sales calls with some of our customers. But we are rarely asked, “How can I maximize what I am already shooting?” Booking and photography are frequently focused on to the exclusion of the other steps needed to run a profitable business. To maximize the business you shoot involves selling the most products to the most people possible. Read more [...]

Time is running out! Take part in our nation-wide survey by May 17th!

Candid Color Systems® is reaching out to professionals in the sports photography field to complete a short industry survey. The survey will close on May 17th. This survey will be used to provide our customers, affiliates and the photography industry with valuable information to develop products, processes and services that can help maximize your business. In return for your time, you will be provided with an advance copy of the valuable results we plan to glean from this survey. One of Read more [...]
Announcing our summer seminar guest speaker - Steve Mulvany

Announcing our summer seminar guest speaker – Steve Mulvany

CCS is excited to announce Steve Mulvany will be our distinguished, guest speaker for this summer’s CCS Seminar in San Francisco. He will be sharing some of his respected insights on management and customer service. Steve has shared his insights with CCS previously to high praise. Many of the CCS customers who were lucky enough to hear Steve speak at a previous seminar credit him with having made a real difference in their business. More about Steve Steve Mulvany is the President and Read more [...]

Spring clean your business- analyze and revamp

Spring is a great time to take a good look at your business plan. A spring cleaning, if you will. Take the steps now that will ensure your business does well the rest of the year and beyond. Market to existing customers currently satisfied with your services While we constantly need to gain new customers, the focus and priority should be on satisfying your existing customer base. Businesses spend 80% of their marketing dollars going after new customers rather than maintaining the customer relationships Read more [...]