Holiday Re-Marketing

Now is the time to prepare for holiday sales! The goal of all marketing is to attract interest in, build desire for, and generate sales of your products or services. Why not do this several months (or even years) after a shoot? Your images are still valuable and can have new life breathed into them with re-marketing. And email is one of the most cost effective tools to achieve your re-marketing goals. Remarketing with emails-Reasons Why Emails reach your audience fast and are inexpensive Read more [...]

Quick ideas to improve email collection

Don’t let interested buyers and website traffic go to waste! If you shoot special events such as parties, races, proms, graduations and even sports pictures where you are selling online (instead of doing prepay) you need buyers to be able to get to their images! It is also highly possible that you have interested buyers hitting your website before you have the chance to post your images online. To improve your sales you can do 2 things: 1. Get contact information for every attendee or potential Read more [...]

A New Way to Pay: PayPal is now available for CCS customers!

Candid Color Systems® is making it easier than ever for customers to buy their images online by offering Express Checkout from PayPal (ECS). Read more [...]

CCS Offers Quick Turn Around

Whether you are ordering manually from Candid’s software, or your customers are placing orders on a CCS retail Web site, print orders will be fulfilled quickly. Read more [...]

Increasing Photo Sales with Green Screen

Increasing sales has several different meanings. It can mean increasing the number of events booked, increasing the size of the average order, or increasing the percentage of customers purchasing. Green Screen can have a positive affect on all of these ways of increasing sales. Read more [...]

New Ideas for Driving School Portrait Traffic Online

When taking school day pictures, think outside of the pre pay box and give the speculation, or view first, method a shot. By speculation we mean taking pictures, offering paper or online proofs (or both) and taking orders by collection at the school, through mail or online. There is no pre pay hassle involved. Read more [...]