New Products for Summer!

Have you been thinking about trying out a new professional lab this summer? If so, you're in luck! Here at Candid Color Systems, we are gearing up for summer with cool new products that are sure to help you beat the summer heat! Read more [...]

5×15 – Small print, huge success!

Earlier this year, we introduced the 5x15 print size, and boy, did our customers respond! Since its inception, the new print size has sold nearly 2,000 prints, and the numbers are growing! Read more [...]

Attention: Personalized Captions Coming SOON!

Candid Color will be releasing a new concept in early 2012 that will allow customers to personalize any image with text and speech bubbles. Read more [...]

What’s New for Candid Color Customers?

We are continually adding new items to our vast collection of specialty products, which is sure to give you the competitive edge you've been looking for. Here are just a few of our newest additions. Read more [...]

New Products Announced at the CCS Summer Workshops

Candid Color recently held the 2011 Summer Workshops are we are proud to say that it was a huge success! We were thrilled with the turn out and even more excited about the new products and updates that were announced. If you were unable to attend, here’s what you missed! Read more [...]

New Products Announced at the 2011 Winter Seminar

We are thrilled that so many of you joined us in South Beach for our 2011 Winter Seminar! The warm temperatures and sunny skies were a pleasant change from the cold, bitter winters many of us have been experiencing. For those of you who did not get to make the trip to Miami, we announced several new products that we currently offer or will be offering soon. Stay tuned for more details! Read more [...]

Get Your 2011 Graduation Cards and Announcements while they’re HOT!

It’s time to gear up for the upcoming graduation season and a great way to do so is by offering 2011 graduation cards and announcements! CCS offers several 4x8 thank you, generic and announcement style greeting cards that are all geared toward graduations. Read more [...]

Increasing Photo Sales with Green Screen

Increasing sales has several different meanings. It can mean increasing the number of events booked, increasing the size of the average order, or increasing the percentage of customers purchasing. Green Screen can have a positive affect on all of these ways of increasing sales. Read more [...]

Faux Groups for Grads

Faux Groups are a unique way to create group photos from a collection of individual shots photographed in front of a green screen background. These new style of groups can open doors to more portrait opportunities, provide additional sales, are great booking tools and give you options to overcome the physical challenges of actually shooting groups. Read more [...]

Get Ready For The 2010 Holiday Season!

It’s time to get prepared for the fast approaching holiday season and a great way to do so is by offering your customers holiday greeting cards. Read more [...]