New Products for Summer!

Have you been thinking about trying out a new professional lab this summer? If so, you’re in luck! Here at Candid Color Systems, we are gearing up for summer with cool new products that are sure to help you beat the summer heat! We have recently added several new and exciting items to our ever growing collection of CCS products that are available to order now.  Check out what’s new!   

Mini Kling Ons

–  2 NEW sizes available: 8×10 and 16×20

–  The 8×10 Kling On includes 1- 5×7 Kling On and 2- 3.5×5 Kling Ons (all of the same image)

–  The 16×20 Kling On includes 1- 10×18 Kling On and 2- 8×10 Kling Ons (all of the same image)

–  Prices= 8×10 Mini Kling On= $7.95

    16×20 Mini Kling On=$18.95



Framed Faux Mats

–  Available in 4 sizes: 5×7, 8×10, 12×14 and 16×20

–  Choose from a wide variety of color combinations for both the inner and outer faux mats

–  All products are finished with a black frame

–  Prices (includes frame):

    5×7 Framed Faux Mat= $4.91

    8×10 Framed Faux Mat= $7.12

   12×14 Framed Faux Mat= $15.14

   16×20 Framed Faux Mat= $26.18


Freestyle Collages

–  ONLY available on our retail website

–  Available in 10 different sizes

–  Use default backgrounds or upload your own

–  Add thought/speech bubbles and customize with text

–  Prices= 5×7 Freestyle Collage= $1.42

    5×15 Freestyle Collage= $2.99

    8×10 Freestyle Collage= $2.83

    10×14 Freestyle Collage= $3.99

    10×18 Freestyle Collage= $6.65

    10×24 Freestyle Collage= $8.70

    10×30 Freestyle Collage= $7.66

    16×20 Freestyle Collage= $16.25

    20×24 Freestyle Collage= $24.63

    30×40 Freestyle Collage= $55.92


7.5×20 and 11×30 Collages

–  Available in two sizes: 7.5×20 & 11×30

–  Available in 4 different layouts and two color options (black or white)

–  Framing is available for the 7.5×20 size and additional mounting options are available for both sizes

  Prices= 7.5×20 Collage= $10.75

    11×30 Collage= $21.08


iPhone Cases

–  Compatible with the iPhone 4 or 4S

–  Available in 3 different colors: Black, White and Clear

–  Special Promotional Price= *$12.36


Water Bottles

–  Printed with an image and an optional crest/logo

–  Each bottle has a metal hook and a removable twist cap

–  Price= $15.96



Canvas Tote Bags

–  Image is printed on one side

–  Each measures: 10.5”x12.5”

–  Price= $14.31






Ceramic Photo Tiles

–  Available in 3 sizes: 4×4, 6×8 and 8×10

–  Glossy coating protects images

–  Prices: 4×4= $14.26

    6×8= $14.36

    8×10= $14.63


 Acrylic Key Chains

–  Includes an image and a logo/crest

–  Each measures: 2.5” x 3.5”

–  Hard coated with long-lasting acrylic—More durable than our traditional key chains

–  Price= $2.60




–  Image is printed on the back of each clipboard

–  Add 3 lines of optional text to the bottom of the image

–  Price= $16.50





Framed 12×24 Faux Mat Collages

–  Available in 4 layout options: Trilogy- 3 Image Collage (horizontal and vertical) and Duet- 2 Image Collage (horizontal and vertical)

–  Choose from White or Black faux mats

–  Available with 2 frame finishes: Black or Cherry

–  Price= $93.00




Acrylic Panels

–  2 NEW sizes available: 5×5 and 5×10

–  Each has a metal stand for easy display

–  Prices: 5×5= $15.00

    5×10= $30.00




NEW 5×15 Mounting Options

–  Gator Mounting (3/16″ thick)

–  Box Mounting (1.5″ thick)

–  Prices (mounting ONLY):

    5×15 Gator Foam= $5.55

    5×15 Box Mount= $19.23


 NEW T-shirt Colors

–  NEW color options: Black, Chocolate, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Natural, Red, Royal Blue and White

–  All colors are available in Youth XS –Adult XXL

–  Image is printed on the front of each shirt

–  Prices: T-shirt with image only= $10.95

                     T-shirt with art (such as L2s) = $13.95


To learn more about these new products, contact Customer Development and become a customer today! 1-800-336-4550.

5×15 – Small print, huge success!

You asked for it, we delivered! In the last few years our Attitude Panos and Pano Collages have become wildly popular in their original 10×30 format, but we’ve had so many requests for a smaller size, we knew we had to do something. Earlier this year, we introduced the 5×15 print size, and boy, did our customers respond!  Since its inception, the new print size has sold nearly 2,000 prints, and the numbers are growing!

We have seen creative uses for the new Pano size.  Many customers have found the smaller size more convenient when showing potential customers the Pano prints. Others appreciate the ability to offer their Attitude Pano designs in a lower price bracket to diversify their product offerings.  A few customers have carved a niche by selling them as “locker-sized” team images, or mini-posters.


In addition to the new size, customers can now mount their 5x15s on box mounting or gator foam, making the product even more versatile.  Box mounted 5x15s stand easily on desks and table tops for display.

Looking for another way to use the 5×15 print? Our new Freestyle Collage Builder is an interactive product your end-customers can build themselves using the images from your event. Customers can build their own Panos by choosing from a variety of backgrounds, adding titles and text, dragging and dropping images and more! This fun new product is now available in QuicPost and CORE, and instructions are available on CandidNET under “Product Information.”

Need more information about the 5×15? Give Customer Development a call at 800-336-4550 today, or visit

Attention: Personalized Captions Coming SOON!

Candid Color will be releasing a new concept in early 2012 that will allow customers to personalize any image with text and speech bubbles. This new concept will not be officially released to all customers until January 2012, but beta testing will begin in November. If you are interesting in participating in beta testing, please contact Candid Color Systems Tech Support. We would love to hear your feedback on this new concept and any help is greatly appreciated!

*Beta testing includes text and speech bubbles only. Additional graphics will be available when the concept is launched in January.

Customers MUST use the new retail website to use this feature.

How Does it Work?

Adding Captions – Your customers can add captions to each image and choose from over 50 fonts and an infinite number of font colors. You can choose a default set of colors, but customers can also select a custom color from the color wheel, creating the perfect match to any photo.

Font size can be increased or decreased by dragging the corner of each caption in or out.

Captions can be rotated with the arrow button in the top right-hand corner and can be placed anywhere on the image by simply moving the caption to the desired location.

Speech Bubbles- Customers can also choose from four different speech bubbles. Each speech bubble can be placed anywhere on the image and text can also be layered over each one creating a fun effect!

Graphics- Over 20 graphics can be added to each image. These graphics include items such as sports equipment, animals, mascots and more. Pick your favorites to customize any image!  NOTE: These graphics are NOT available in beta testing but will be available in January when the concept is launched.

What are the Benefits?

One of the biggest benefits is that consumers can personalize as many images as they want, all completely free of charge! Customers simply make the necessary additions, save their image as a favorite and order the products they desire.  Several of our popular products are available with enhanced images such as t-shirts, prints, collages, image downloads and more.

Adding text and graphics to images not only gives them more personality, but it also makes the buying process more fun for consumers. Images that are personalized with funky text and graphics tend to be more desirable and more sellable as well.  Take the following images for example. Alone, they are pretty basic. However, when speech bubbles and captions are added, these images are a lot more appealing and attention grabbing. It is virtually a different image than it was before!

Get Started!

Again, this new concept is only compatible with Candid Color’s new retail website. It will not be released until January 2012, but beta testing will begin in November. Contact Customer Development at 800-336-4550 today to sign up for a free account and begin beta testing this cool, new concept!

What’s New for Candid Color Customers?

If you are looking for a professional print lab or are considering switching from your current lab, give Candid Color a try! We provide solutions for photography businesses of all sizes and offer turn-key marketing systems to guide you through the booking, sales and photography processes. We are continually adding new items to our vast collection of specialty products, which is sure to give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for. Here are just a few of our newest additions.


Multi Image Level TwoTM designs are the newest addition to our Level TwoTM product line. Multi-Image Level TwoTM prints are available in 4x5s, 8x10s and 16x20s. Each design displays 2-3 images of each athlete and can be personalized with custom text. Create a fun and unique product that is sure to impress parents and coaches alike!


Pano Collages are available in two sizes: 5×15 and 10×30. The 10×30 Pano Collage holds 4-15 images and the smaller, 5×15 Pano Collage holds 4-7 images. Each of our 9 designs can be customized with text and our 10×30 option can also be mounted or framed for a finished look.

 NEW Greeting Card designs have been added to our collection of 4×8, slim line Holiday Greeting Cards and our line of 5×7 Premium Folded Greeting Cards. All cards can be personalized with supplementary text or a custom greeting at no additional charge and are available with white envelopes.


New Green Screen backgrounds have been added to our ever-growing collection of over 400 backgrounds. All of these backgrounds are available exclusively for Candid Color customers, completely free of charge.


To learn more about each new product listed above or to become a customer, please contact Customer Development at 1-800-336-4550.  We look forward to doing business with you!  

New Products Announced at the CCS Summer Workshops

Candid Color recently held the 2011 Summer Workshops and we are proud to say that it was a huge success! We were thrilled with the turn out and even more excited about the new products and updates that were announced. If you were unable to attend, here’s what you missed!  

New products/updates announced at the Summer Workshops

  • NEW Email Campaign– our newly redesigned email campaign will be available exclusively to CCS customers by August 5th.  It has a clean, updated look and is specialized for Sports, Grads, Schools and Races.   


  • NEW Retail Website- our new site has a completely new look and is currently available for all CCS customers.   


  • Splatter Sports Line– this new sports line will soon be available for CCS customers. The Splatter Line is non-sports specific and allows the photographer to select two custom accent colors.

  •  Acrylic Mounts and Acrylic Displays‑ these brand new products that are sure to give you a competitive advantage over your competition.

  • Spotlight Memory Mate‑ this is a modern twist on the traditional Memory Mate!  


  • Multi-Image Level TwoTM Productsthe perfect addition to our ever-popular Level TwoTM product mix.


  • 10×30 Pano Collage – choose from four designs and anywhere from 4-15 image nodes.  


To learn more about each new product listed above or to become a customer, please contact Customer Development at 1-800-336-4550.  

New Products Announced at the 2011 Winter Seminar

We are thrilled that so many of you joined us in South Beach for our 2011 Winter Seminar!  The warm temperatures and sunny skies were a pleasant change from the cold, bitter winters many of us have been experiencing. For those of you who did not get to make the trip to Miami, we announced several new products that we currently offer or will be offering soon. Stay tuned for more details!


                                                                                                                                                             NEW and improved CCS products:

–          Attitude Pics (formerly co branded prints) Available NOW!

o        Includes your own artwork at no charge

§         We’ll do new artwork for free for ideas that can be widely used

§         You can create your own artwork and keep it proprietary

§         We create the artwork for you and keep it proprietary for a nominal artwork charge          

–          Large Individual Memory Mates Available NOW!

o        Individual displayed in a larger image node

o        Team displayed in a smaller image node

o        Artwork matches each current sports line 

–          Dance Style 3 Available NOW!

o        New, updated artwork for all products

o        Perfect for dancers of all ages

NEW CCS products coming soon:

–          Rendered product downloads Available April 1st

o        Many product will be available to download including: 

§         Titled prints

§         Attitude Pics

§         Magazine Covers

§         Memory Mates

§         And much more!

o        Customers will be emailed a link to their purchased rendered jpegs for easy downloading 

–          Reflect sports line Available Spring 2011

o        New, updated look for all specialty sports products

o        Accent color can be changed to match player’s uniform

o        Logos/crests displayed in a unique fashion

o        Generic artwork accommodates almost any sport

–          Mini KlingOns®

–          T-Shirts

–          Personalized Story Books

–          Attitude Memory Mates

–          New L2 and Attitude Pano designs

Get Your 2011 Graduation Cards and Announcements while they’re HOT!

It’s time to gear up for the upcoming graduation season and a great way to do so is by offering 2011 graduation cards and announcements! CCS offers several 4×8 thank you, generic and announcement style greeting cards that are all geared toward graduations. Whether you are shooting high school, college or even kindergarten events, our graduation greeting cards and announcements are the perfect product for the occasion. There are several different colors and styles to choose from, giving your customers a wide variety of options.  Every one of our cards and announcements is completely customizable, allowing the customer to enter 3-4 lines of text, the graduate’s name and/or the year.  They can be ordered in quantities of 12 or 20 and come with coordinating white envelopes.  Every card and announcement is available in both horizontal and vertical formats for an even more customized look!

In addition to graduation greeting cards, CCS also offers other unique graduation products such as plaques, statuettes, photo mugs, cobrand prints and much much more! For details concerning our entire line of graduation products and to sign up for a FREE CCS account, please contact our Customer Development Department at 800-336-4550.

Increasing Photo Sales with Green Screen

Increasing sales has several different meanings.  It can mean increasing the number of events booked, increasing the size of the average order, or increasing the percentage of customers purchasing.  Green Screen can have a positive effect on all of these ways of increasing sales.

Close up and waist up Green Screen shots

Our retail division has been photographing graduations with Green Screen now for about a year a half and the sales have consistently been higher with Green Screen than without.  Comparing a series of graduations that occurred in Spring and late Summer of 2009 which were not shot with Green Screen, with those same graduations shot with Green Screen in Spring and late Summer of 2010, the sales are up over 30%.  The main factor that we believe caused the sales to go up so dramatically was the effective use of Green Screen.  We are currently utilizing Green Screen for a waist up Second Shot and the Close Up shot and sometimes using a ¾ length Green Screen shot for both the 2nd shot and a Close-up Shot.  Contact your Customer Development Representative for details on how to do this.

Why is Green Screen so Important?  Green Screen allows us to provide multiple background choices that are customized for a given university, high school, iconic scene, etc., increasing the chances that our customers will be drawn to one or more of these background choices.  In the past, numerous backgrounds would have to be purchased or created in order to provide multiple choices and to do so would be quite expensive, usually about $200 per background.  Worse still, a unique photographer and unique photographic equipment had to be provided for every background, further increasing the expense.  Last, using several different backgrounds increased the floor space necessary to photograph, sometimes exceeding the available space and therefore, cutting down on the number of backgrounds that could be used.

Backgrounds utilized for Green Screen


Gluing the entire selling process together is CCS’ dedicated software which allows photographers to have CCS cut out the image quickly and cost effectively.  The photographer can then choose one of two methods or both methods to apply the backgrounds and show the customer the image on one of the selected backgrounds.  The first method is called pre-rendered.  In this method the photographer photographs a number of thematically suitable and attractive backgrounds and chooses six to eight of these to be pre-rendered by CCS.  This means CCS superimposes the subject onto each of the chosen backgrounds to be displayed online and, if desired, on paper proofs which are mailed to the end customer’s home.  The cost for pre-rendering images with Green Screen backgrounds is 20 cents per image for the first background and then 5 cents per additional background.


The second method is referred to as dynamic and this method is strictly used for online viewing and ordering.  In this method a small number of event specific backgrounds are selected by the photographer/customer as the default backgrounds for that event.  A large selection of seasonal and themed backgrounds is also available online from CCS.  The end customer selects a pose and then chooses a background.  Both are instantly merged together and displayed online for the customer to view and order.   The customer can try out any background offered.  When the customer finds one which he or she wishes to order, they simply place the order in the usual way online and CCS fulfills the order exactly as ordered, including zooming and cropping preferences indicated by the customer.  The cost for dynamic Green Screen is 1 cent per image to process the originals and then 1% of any online sales for prints and products from that dynamic image.  (Standard online commissions are in addition to this 1%)

Pre-rendering Green Screen can also be used for sports in situations where you do not have an attractive shooting location or if the weather prevents you from shooting in your preferred location.   Dynamic Green Screen can be utilized for sports, family and individual portraits as well as parties and events.  We believe parties and events provide a huge opportunity for increasing sales with Green Screen because of the unique product that can be offered.  Green Screen before and after displays are important to excite event guests with the Green Screen process of being photographed and then choosing their own backgrounds online.


Offering Green Screen is a great booking tool.  The fact that is relatively new and not offered by many photographers gives you a competitive advantage that can enable you to book more events. 

We have multiple articles posted at in the software section and the developments blog on shooting Green Screen and posting/marketing those images using CCS’ free CORE and Quicpost software.

Please contact CCS Customer Development at 1-800-336-4550 for more information on Green Screen.

Faux Groups for Grads

Faux Groups are a unique way to create group photos from a collection of individual shots photographed in front of a green screen background.  These new style of groups can open doors to more portrait opportunities, provide additional sales, are great booking tools and give you options to overcome the physical challenges of actually shooting groups.

Many groups can be difficult to photograph due to a lack of space, bleachers, time or even photographer skill.  Faux Groups offer you a solution to these challenges since you only need a limited amount of space to photograph the individuals and the lighting/background setup is fairly simple to learn and execute.  They can be shot indoors or outdoors, though shooting green screen outdoors does require additional control over your lighting conditions.

What markets are good for Faux Groups?  The most common to date are graduations, teams, bands and schools, but they also have great potential for reunions, companies, service organizations, Greeks, conventions and more.  The applications are unlimited.  If you are already photographing individuals to sell portraits, then the Faux Group is a great by-product created from those individual images and can be sold to generate additional sales.  If in the past you have photographed groups in the traditional fashion, shooting them as Faux Groups will now give you the opportunity to shoot and sell individual portraits to generate additional sales.  Faux Group sales can generate an additional $4-$5 or more per individual photographed.

Faux Groups are great booking tools.  The opportunity to create a unique Faux Group can be all that is required to book the individual portraits for an organization.  It can also be used to sway an organization that you already photograph as individuals to switch to green screen.  Additional selling points are:
• All individuals are in sharp focus
• Lighting is consistent throughout the group
• Everyone has the same head size and is equally visible.

Please contact Customer Development at 800-336-4550 for more information about Faux Groups.

Get Ready For The 2010 Holiday Season!

It’s time to get prepared for the fast approaching holiday season and a great way to do so is by offering your customers holiday greeting cards. CCS has 12 unique greeting card designs available for 2010*, including three completely NEW designs- Dove, Red Tree and Ribbons. All of our cards are available in both CORE and QuicPost and are ideal for Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday celebration! Every card is offered in horizontal and vertical formats and offers six title choices. All greeting cards are sold in sets of 12 or 20 and envelopes are included.

No matter what market you are shooting, holiday cards are a perfect addition to any offer.  Now is the perfect time to bring your customers a desirable product for them to enjoy and use through out the holidays.



*Previous year’s holiday card designs are still available online


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