Accept Mobile Payments Easier at Your Youth Sports Shoots with Square®

A company called Square has created a safe and easy to use device that plugs directly into your smart phone which allows you to accept credit card payments easier and on-site. Read more [...]

Winter Grads are Just Around the Corner- Are You Ready?!

You still have some time to execute last minute details that can make the difference between being more profitable, or merely maintaining the same level of sales as last year. Here are some helpful hints that you can still implement... Read more [...]

Shooting for Fall Sports

When preparing for fall sports photo shoots, there are a few things to keep in mind in addition to delivering great photography. Here are a few helpful tips that can make your event as successful as possible. Read more [...]

Summer Photography Guide

The summer months can provide several photography opportunities. Here are a few things to consider this summer while booking and shooting outdoor events. Read more [...]

Using a Camera Simulator to Supplement Training

Over the past 12 years with the proliferation of digital cameras, a new crop of photographers have surfaced that extensively use the “P” or “Auto” setting on their high tech, ultra cool cameras. It’s quick; it’s easy and, for the most part, will deliver acceptable images. Read more [...]

Successful ways to increase sales for Youth Sports Photography

There are probably more than 7 reasons to take multiple shots when shooting youth sports, but here are a few that come to mind. Let’s dive in…. Read more [...]

Increasing Photo Sales with Green Screen

Increasing sales has several different meanings. It can mean increasing the number of events booked, increasing the size of the average order, or increasing the percentage of customers purchasing. Green Screen can have a positive affect on all of these ways of increasing sales. Read more [...]

Marketing Proms: Making the Most of a Challenging Market!

Proms, which used to be the golden goose of the Spring photo season, have now become a financial challenge for photographers in the digital age. Proms are still being held all over the country, and expensive tuxedoes and fancy dresses are still all the rage at these events; but pre-paid posed photographs have taken a serious hit. Read more [...]

Spring Sports: It’s Never Too Early to Be Looking for Business

Though the calendar on my wall puts me squarely in the month of November, in my head I’m thinking Spring sports. Read more [...]

Making a Big Success From a Small Event!

Success stories in sports photography happen every week. In fact, anytime you can generate a great turnout of athletes, produce creative images you can print, manage to stay on schedule, and walk away with a pocketful of money—it’s a success! Read more [...]