Your sales funnel- small changes having a HUGE impact on your bottom line.

It is not uncommon that photographers focus intensely on the best ways to book business. We see courses on it, make materials to aide in booking and even go on sales calls with some of our customers. But we are rarely asked, “How can I maximize what I am already shooting?” Booking and photography are frequently focused on to the exclusion of the other steps needed to run a profitable business. To maximize the business you shoot involves selling the most products to the most people possible. Read more [...]

Spring clean your business- analyze and revamp

Spring is a great time to take a good look at your business plan. A spring cleaning, if you will. Take the steps now that will ensure your business does well the rest of the year and beyond. Market to existing customers currently satisfied with your services While we constantly need to gain new customers, the focus and priority should be on satisfying your existing customer base. Businesses spend 80% of their marketing dollars going after new customers rather than maintaining the customer relationships Read more [...]

“Found money”- a remarketing success story

  Prior to the holidays, our local retail operation offered a 30% discount (via email) on digital downloads. This offer appeals to those shopping procrastinators and anyone else that enjoys the immediate gratification of a download. This special resulted in nearly $4,000 of found money! Now, if one were to look at the percent who ordered they may not be particularly impressed. The nearly $4,000 came from less than 2% of those who were emailed. We had sales of almost $.10 per email Read more [...]

Holiday product ideas at every price point

The holidays are quickly approaching! There are only 2 weekends left for holiday shoppers who do not want to incur expedited shipping fees on most websites. A new product mix for the holidays could go a long way towards increasing sales. One key to a well-balanced product mix is to feature multiple price points. This gives every customer the opportunity to make a purchase. Here are a few ideas! Low Price Point During the holidays, many of your customers expect deals. Offering lower priced items Read more [...]

Holiday Re-Marketing

Now is the time to prepare for holiday sales! The goal of all marketing is to attract interest in, build desire for, and generate sales of your products or services. Why not do this several months (or even years) after a shoot? Your images are still valuable and can have new life breathed into them with re-marketing. And email is one of the most cost effective tools to achieve your re-marketing goals. Remarketing with emails-Reasons Why Emails reach your audience fast and are inexpensive Read more [...]

Emails, the Super Tool

Emails also have a hidden power you may not be aware of: when using them for your photography business; they can improve your event sales significantly! Read more [...]

What Do I Do Now? Remarketing After Grads

Remarketing after the first thirty days of a graduation is an integral part of creating additional sales. Remember that the only costs associated with remarketing are prints, hosting fees, credit cards fees and mailing costs. Your other costs are already covered. Hence, you have a very high profit margin on the sales resulting from remarketing. Read more [...]

What You Need To Know About Facebook Timeline

If you’ve been paying attention to your Facebook page recently, you’ll have noticed it has a new look! That’s because on March 30th all Facebook pages were changed to the new timeline format. Read more [...]

Why is CCS More Than a Sports Lab?

Candid Color Systems’ focus is different than most Pro Photo Labs. CCS has always been about marketing. We are one of the few professional labs that have a marketing department in house. We are also one of the few labs that operate a full blown retail operation which is also a marketing laboratory in which to test and refine our products and processes. Read more [...]

Who’s Viewing You? A Guide to Website Analytics Companies for your Photography Business

So you’ve got a website for your photography business, it looks great and functions perfectly. But how do you know it’s getting visited by potential clients? Enter analytics... Read more [...]