Holiday product ideas at every price point

The holidays are quickly approaching! There are only 2 weekends left for holiday shoppers who do not want to incur expedited shipping fees on most websites. A new product mix for the holidays could go a long way towards increasing sales. One key to a well-balanced product mix is to feature multiple price points. This gives every customer the opportunity to make a purchase. Here are a few ideas! Low Price Point During the holidays, many of your customers expect deals. Offering lower priced items Read more [...]

Winter Graduations 101-part 2

Winter graduation season is upon us. If you already have a relationship with a school, their graduation ceremony is a natural way to do more work for existing clients. Here are some of our best practices that could be used when shooting and selling graduation images as part 2 of our graduation series. Day of the Graduation Arrive at the venue at least two hours early. This allows for plenty of time for setup, meeting with the contact to confirm locations of the photographs, deal with any equipment Read more [...]

Winter Graduations 101-part 1

Graduations are a lucrative photography market that requires planning and precise execution. Many schools have winter ceremonies. These graduations are a great opportunity to get your feet wet shooting in this market. Here are some of our best practices that could be used when booking and preparing for graduation shoots in part 1 of our 2-part graduation series. The Basics of Graduations Typically graduation ceremonies are shot by several photographers simultaneously in different locations around Read more [...]

Quick ideas to improve email collection

Don’t let interested buyers and website traffic go to waste! If you shoot special events such as parties, races, proms, graduations and even sports pictures where you are selling online (instead of doing prepay) you need buyers to be able to get to their images! It is also highly possible that you have interested buyers hitting your website before you have the chance to post your images online. To improve your sales you can do 2 things: 1. Get contact information for every attendee or potential Read more [...]

How Your File Size Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Camera manufacturers tout their megapixels whenever possible. Photoshop enthusiasts shoot raw (which makes LARGE files) so that they can have a lot of freedom to manipulate images, most of which are never purchased. Journalists write magazine articles extolling the virtues of shooting raw or using settings that produce large file sizes. So, the average photographer, subjected to all these influences, can’t help but believe that more (megapixels) is better. In the face of this advocacy for Read more [...]

Booking Tips for Fall

As the summer season begins, it is never too early to prepare for Fall Sports. As photographers, we will do all we can to produce great photography. It’s what we love to do. However, one area that can often be ignored is the marketing of your photography business. Read more [...]

Booking Dance Schools: Now’s the Time to Generate Bookings!

If you are seriously considering venturing into the Dance school market, or, are already reaping the rewards in this very lucrative market, there is no better time than right now to force a sales effort, and here’s why... Read more [...]

Obscure Sports Can Make Money

Breaking in to a Middle School or High School that has a long and/or close relationship with a photographer can be challenging. But often the established photographer will neglect the smaller or more obscure sports teams. Read more [...]

Spring Auctions: Cashing In and Growing Your Business

Nearly every school and many under-capitalized charity organizations are always looking for new ways to create new revenue streams to supplement decreasing contributions. Read more [...]

Graduations Are a Lucrative Market in Every Town or City

Graduations can be one of the most lucrative photo markets. Best of all, Candid Color Systems® has all of the know-how and systems to help you be competitive and profitable in this market. Read more [...]