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Happy Holidays: A letter from CCS President, Jack Counts Jr.

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season. The holidays are my favorite time of year and are a period where I reflect on my life’s many great memories and blessings.

The memories are bolstered by the many photographs I have around me in physical and electronic forms. Just seeing all of these images reminds me of the importance of what we do.

We truly add to the richness of people’s lives. Just yesterday, we were working on a new product, and my genuine thought was how cool it would be for the graduates and their families to have this product!

I am sure that kind of thought must cross your mind as you work in this memory business, too.

As we move into next year – let’s keep that thought! Let’s create images and products that enhance people’s memories – beyond what we do now. Let’s create and offer better products and services. If we do that, the sales and profits will take care of themselves. I truly believe that.

In order to do this, we must arm ourselves with better knowledge, new tools, and a positive attitude.

What we already know has value – but we must WORK to go beyond what we know now. We must constantly be in a learning mode. When one stops learning – one soon becomes irrelevant. There is a fine line between experience being an asset, or it being a form of baggage. That is the hard truth.

The opportunities to learn are all around us. We can find new information and skills from talking with others, from watching programs, from going to seminars, from going to trade shows, and from reading. I find SO much information from reading online and from traditional magazines.

Things change constantly. Some changes are big – but most changes are refinements or enhancements. And sometimes the small things can make huge differences – especially in business.

As we prepare to enter 2013, I hope that you will resolve to challenge yourself (as we do here at CCS) to never stop learning. If we are striving to learn, innovate and to do better for our customers, then we will all have a great year!

Happy Holidays,



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