Holiday Re-Marketing

Now is the time to prepare for holiday sales! The goal of all marketing is to attract interest in, build desire for, and generate sales of your products or services. Why not do this several months (or even years) after a shoot? Your images are still valuable and can have new life breathed into them with re-marketing. And email is one of the most cost effective tools to achieve your re-marketing goals.

Remarketing with emails-Reasons Why

Emails reach your audience fast and are inexpensive to create. Depending on your email and image hosting providers*, you may have little to no upfront cost in creating your holiday re- marketing campaign other than your time.

Consider these 5 good reasons to email your customers this holiday season:

1. Email to alert customers that their images are online for re-orders 2. Email to remind customers their images are still online 3. Email to advertise seasonal items (ex: holiday cards and ornaments) 4. Email to give customers gift ideas for the upcoming holidays (ex: iphone, cases, canvas wraps, mugs, etc.) 5. Email your customers to alert them about a sale or “special” you are conducting (ex: consider suspending any late fees as a way to get more participation!) Remarketing with email-Where to start

Mark your calendar with some of the key holiday dates including: Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Consider making your offer available for a specific and limited amount of time which will drive your customers to a purchasing decision. Holiday order cut-offs should take extended holiday shipping times into account.

Make sure to use an email program that will allow you to track your success in order to make future improvements. Make sure to include these details in your holiday re-marketing email plan:

1. Test subject line effectiveness by comparing open rates (consider an A/B test) 2. Test graphics, layout & offers with click-thru rates, and more specifically, the clicks per link in your email. 3. Personalize the email whenever possible (drop in one of the customer’s images if possible (But don’t give away too much! You may want to use a watermark) Take advantage of these ideas and prepare your own re-marketing plan. Other upcoming holidays to consider as re-marketing opportunities include: the Fourth of July, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day. All holidays are eligible for a promotion!

The proof is in the pudding-Re-marketing with email success!

One colleague recently put email re-marketing to the test. He shoots several large annual events and collects emails at these events. He rolls his email database over year-to-year because many of the attendees are the same among his events (while making sure to remove unsubscribes and bad addresses that occur due to regular list churn).

He ran a Christmas e-mail promotion to a year’s worth of his events and exceeded $28,000 in extra sales! These sales occurred on roughly 10,000 emails meaning he collected about $2.80 for every email address. (a strong case for collecting emails even when you are shooting pre-pay events!)

He then designed a Valentine’s email campaign with a couple of creative marketing strategies. The promotion was for a limited time only and advertised a 50% discount off a digital download. The perfect gift for procrastinators and for images where you have already sold prints and gifts! His Valentine’s promotion exceeded $12,000 in sales in just a three week period. This promotion used the same set of email addresses which had generated so much additional revenue at Christmas just a few weeks prior.

Email is a great way to test all of your holiday re-marketing ideas and is a wonderful tool to collect additional revenue. Design your email plan today and have a Happy Holiday season!

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